Top 10 things that can kill a relationship

Relasion Ship killerWho says relationships need only love and care? Yes they do need love and care but that is not the only thing, too much love and care can also damage your relationship. There has to be a perfect balance in every emotion in order to keep relationships going. If you are enjoying a happy and healthy relationship, don’t ruin it with some of these attitudes given below. Read on to know the top 10 relationship killers that can sap out the entire charm and happiness out of relationship.

Be friendly to her friends and family

IF you love her, love her loved ones! Well, if you can’t love them, at least be friendly and nice to them.  Don’t let her choose anyone of you because at some point if she has to choose, there’s no guarantee she’ll side with you.

Don’t let the bubble burst

When we are in love, we make a little utopian bubble and start living in it blinded by the practical problems of life. However, when practical problems like money problems, children’s problem comes in they tend to burst the bubble, squeezing out all the romance and charm of relationship. Learn to deal with your problems and communicate them openly and don’t let them burst the bubble of your love.

Fly in the ointment

A couple is made up of two people, but when a third person comes in, it becomes the ‘fly in the ointment’ so never ever let your relationship to stale with the filth of an outside fly. If some third person is trying to come between you two, immediately deal with the problem openly or it will kill your relationship.

Annoying habits

Nobody is perfect, even the woman of your dreams, no matter how awesome she is, might have some teeny weenie yet irritating habits like talking in the sleep, leaving the cap off the toothpaste, never switching off the lights. Be careful and be compromising. Talk to her and let her know you don’t like that but don’t make those problems a big issue in your relationship.

Taking each other for granted

When we are living in routine life, we tend to take each other for granted and become too comfortable that we don’t realize what it’s doing to our relationship. It’s always appreciated if you daily treat your women with a different attitude. Keep exploring and experimenting when it comes to sex. Be surprising and don’t let the romance and sex go away out of relationship.

Different Aims

Relationship needs care, love, attention, communication and time to grow in a happy and healthy environment. However, if you have started chasing different goals, which is not even giving the time to spend together, then your relationship is clearly in danger. Always give your relationship and family a first priority in order to keep it going fantastic.

Drooling in the past

It’s good to light your future with the candle of the past, but don’t let it get too close that it burns you and your future. Don’t keep drooling in the past, when it comes to relationships. Comparing your ex with your present girlfriend is a big killer in the relationship. Or even focusing on the past mistakes is even worst. So live in your present and plan for the future for a healthy and happy relationship.

Moving too fast

Healthy relationships progress naturally and slowly, but if one of you is taking it too fast, it puts the pressure on the other, so give your relationship and intimacy a natural environment to grow, yes, but it doesn’t mean, you make your relationship to dull and boring, No maintain a perfect balance and let the passion blossom from inside.

The perfect balance

“Always make your presence felt in such a way that someone misses you, but don’t make it too long that someone starts to live without you” the mantra of blissful relationship is all about perfect balance. Appearing too needy will also ruin the charm and acting too lost-in-his-own-world will also kill the relationship. Spend time with each other, but also give other person space to breathe and grow and carryon with his personal works.


Cheating is the ultimate relationship killer. The betrayal of finding that a partner has cheated is the ultimate drug to leave a relationship stone-cold dead. No matter how much you promise not to do that again, the trust once gone is forever gone.

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