Take a swirl, get a girl!

Get your dream girlIf you’re having trouble getting it on with the ladies there isn’t much to worry about. There isn’t one thing about females that’s hard to get past or get used to so take the easy way around and make a list of all of them instead of solving one at a time.

It isn’t unusual for you to end up with or on the contrary have a never ending list of problems with her so you might want to take the easy way around and making those few changes to yourself that wont just melt her down but will make you glow and get all the women to overflow.

For starters get rid of any facial or hair oil, get rid of any locks of hair and don’t even consider piercing or tattoos if you’re planning on ever having a girl within a five mile radius of yourself. While God did create some twisted one’s that might be into such fetishes but on the whole that’s where you start.

While your next step is self grooming such as speech therapy, talking to your buds about it and maybe even hitting the gym or taking up a hobby that you can talk to her about, never ever make her feel like you really want her. If you give her power and that too to all your emotions, chances are she’ll flee with it shattering your heart instead of losing hers to you.

The best way is to melt her with your charm. Manners are crucial. Open doors for her, show her the way, are polite, look into her eyes and never at her chest. That’s how it starts. Have a few stories to talk about, ones that aren’t very flamboyant in context to your attributes but instead present you with as a more subtle and decent than macho.

Don’t take her to meet all your friends just as you get to know her. You never know what sausage fest awaits you guys so it’s always a wise choice to choose to stay at home or take her to a fancy restaurant, the latter being the stronger pick. Create just the right ambiance and you could have her throwing her heart out at you.

Once you’ve gotten to know this girl and won over some comfort space, take another step forward and buy her a present. Go for more thought and less materialistic and you’ll end up with something that’s not too pricey and that will have her jaw dropping in no time.

Remember, the epiphany of the entire pursuit is being consistently subtle and well mannered. It’s about staying in the game and playing it for as long as you can and soon, you’ll be the game.

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