Ashton Kutcher Cheated on His Wife

 Ashton Kutcher Cheated on His Wife
ashton-kutcher-cheated-on-his-wifeIt seems that Ashton Kutcher needs not only Demi but Moore Moore and Moore sexy young girls for the American hunk has cheated on his 15 year older wife, Demi Moore for the second time, enjoying a steaming hot sex on sofa with Britney Jones.
The 21 year old, Britney Jones claims she met Ashton at bowling where he was hanging out with his wife and daughter, she gave him her number. Britney further claims after three days he contacted her and they met in his LA mansion and had amazing sex on sofa.
Britney Jones is not the first lady who claimed this for last week another women also claimed to have sexual relation with Ashton.
However, Ashton’s lawyer has said that the news is completely fake and nothing to do with reality. Let’s wait and see who’s wrong and who’s right because the young girl is fully confident about whatever she said.

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