Meghan Markle in tears and afraid she’s being unfairly picked on, Says Royal Expert

 Meghan Markle in tears and afraid she’s being unfairly picked on, Says Royal Expert


Meghan Markle has reportedly been facing significant stress related to her professional endeavors, to the extent of shedding tears over the challenges she’s encountered, according to royal expert and author Tom Quinn. In a revealing interview with the Daily Mirror, Quinn delved into the struggles that the Duchess of Sussex is experiencing following the launch of her luxury lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.

The brand recently unveiled its first product, a line of jam, which has unexpectedly become the target of widespread ridicule. This negative reception appears to be a major source of concern and emotional distress for Meghan, who had presumably hoped for a positive impact with her new venture.

In the eyes of Mr Quinn, “The one fly in the ointment is Meghan’s new internet brand, America Riviera Orchard.” Reportedly “Meghan was in tears when the brand launched and her new jam was widely mocked for being expensive and nothing special.” According to Mr Quinn, “She has reached the point now where she thinks that anything and everything she does will be unfairly criticized.”

“Like her husband, she feels that people are unfairly picking on her – she cannot understand why people don’t admire her work.” “She is especially sensitive about any criticism of her luxurious lifestyle in the US from her point of view this is something to be admired not criticized,” the author also added before concluding the chat.

Quinn pointed out that the Duchess’s transition from royalty to running a business might be fraught with unexpected pressures and public scrutiny. “She has ventured into new territory with her brand, and the backlash over something as simple as jam has likely been a heavy blow,” Quinn explained during his interview.

He further speculated that the mockery surrounding her product could be intensifying her anxieties, making it difficult for her to navigate her role as an entrepreneur. The ridicule not only challenges her brand’s viability but also her personal resilience as she adapts to life outside the royal framework.

For Meghan, who has consistently been in the public eye since marrying into the British royal family and then stepping back to forge an independent path with Prince Harry in the United States, the journey has been anything but smooth. The scrutiny that comes with each of her public moves appears to continue unabating, influencing public perceptions and her personal experiences in her new endeavors.

This report sheds light on the pressures faced by public figures like Meghan Markle as they attempt to transition to new roles and face the vast and often critical public eye, emphasizing the personal challenges that accompany professional shifts.

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