Ben Affleck enjoys dinner out amid marital problems with Jennifer Lopez

 Ben Affleck enjoys dinner out amid marital problems with Jennifer Lopez


Ben Affleck was recently seen dining out in Santa Monica, California, looking relaxed and cheerful despite swirling rumors of marital difficulties with Jennifer Lopez. The sighting, which took place on May 21, was reported by PEOPLE, noting that the actor was alone at the restaurant but appeared in good spirits.

Sources told the outlet that Affleck appeared to be in upbeat moon during the evening, describing, “He was in a great mood… He seemed very relaxed and happy. Everyone chatted and seemed to enjoy.”

During his outing, Affleck was observed wearing his wedding ring, a detail that might hint at his current commitment to his marriage despite the speculated strains. The “Way Back” actor’s public appearance comes at a time when his wife, Jennifer Lopez, was away attending the premiere of her new Netflix movie, “Atlas,” in Mexico City.

The couple, who rekindled their romance and married in 2022, has been the subject of media speculation suggesting they are experiencing some challenges in their relationship. However, neither Affleck nor Lopez has publicly commented on the state of their marriage, leaving fans and the media to speculate based on sightings and separate public appearances.

In addition to managing personal matters, Affleck is actively engaged in his professional projects. He is currently busy filming “The Accountant 2,” the sequel to his 2016 action film, demonstrating his ongoing dedication to his career despite any personal issues that may be unfolding. This balance between professional commitments and personal life is a testament to Affleck’s focus and work ethic amid the ups and downs of public and private life.

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