“The Ivank-a-Meter is Flashing Red” Speculations Rise Over Ivanka Trump’s Political Aspirations

 “The Ivank-a-Meter is Flashing Red” Speculations Rise Over Ivanka Trump’s Political Aspirations

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In her latest column for the Guardian, Arwa Mahdawi voiced concerns over the potential return of Ivanka Trump to the political scene, a move that could see the Trump family solidify their influence in the White House once more. Coined under the portmanteau “Javanka,” referring to Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, Mahdawi describes their political maneuvers as particularly alarming given their previous roles in the Trump administration.

“While ‘Javanka’ kept their distance from the former president during Trump’s lows, there are signs Ivanka might be thinking of coming out of political retirement,” Mahdawi wrote, indicating a noticeable shift in Ivanka’s stance as her father, Donald Trump, gears up for another presidential run in 2025. Despite the challenges Trump faces, including financial strains and multiple criminal indictments, he remains a significant figure in key swing states, reported The Guardian.

Mahdawi, while cautious about predicting the exact outcomes of the upcoming election, emphasized the strategic positioning of Ivanka and Kushner within political and financial circles. “Both Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, always seem to know which way the wind is blowing: the pair made out like bandits when they were unelected members of the Trump administration,” she noted.

This comment refers to the considerable financial and political gains the couple made during Trump’s presidency. The column further highlighted the post-administration activities of Kushner, particularly his financial engagements with Saudi backers. “Then, when it felt like the grift may be up, the Saudis gave Kushner billions to invest,” Mahdawi pointed out, underscoring the seamless transition from political influence to financial enrichment.

As Kushner continues his ventures in the financial realm, Ivanka is reportedly making moves that hint at a political comeback. She has been seen alongside her father at various events, and there are whispers of her “warming to the idea of trying to be helpful again” in the political domain.

Mahdawi concluded with a stark reminder of the potential longevity of the Trump dynasty’s influence. “While it’s certainly not a done deal that the US will see a President Trump again, if we do then you can expect the reign to be long,” she asserted. Rumors suggest that Ivanka herself harbors ambitions of breaking new ground as the first female president of the United States, adding another layer of intrigue to the already complex Trump political narrative.

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