Top 10 signs of love

 Top 10 signs of love

Signs of Love

Top 10 Signs of LoveWhat is Love ? You’ve had your fair share of fun with the opposite sex and have never thought of settling down. But lately, this one person is stuck in your head and has forced you to consider him/her as ‘the one.’ You feel like the song ‘I am in love’ was written solely for you, listen to it all day and the idea of old fashioned romance intrigues you,  you are down with love-phobia mate. Love is the purest of all feelings. An unfathomable emotion, true love makes the world go round. It takes time for people to realize they are in love but once they do, there is no turning back. Below is a list of top 10 signs of knowing that you are in love. If you have experienced three or more of these signs then you might just be…gulp…in love!


Top 10 Signs of Love

Butterflies in your stomach

The most commonly described feeling of someone who is experiencing love. The heightened feeling of a somersaulting stomach and having goose bumps while in the company of that particular person all come under this category of having butterflies in your stomach.

Difficult to look away

Another feeling in love is that you find it next to impossible to take your eyes off him/her.

You want to be around them all the time

The thought of that special someone doesn’t leave you even if you are out with your best buddies. You find yourself constantly wanting to be with him/her and the thought of ditching your friends for that someone doesn’t sound horrific to you at all.

Love songs make sense 

Remember the time when you deemed all the mushy romantic stuff as crap? Well, now it all makes sense. Every bit of your life relates to every word of the song.

The thought of tying the knot doesn’t scare you anymore

The thought of committing yourself to one person doesn’t scare you at all and you are looking forward to committing yourself to that one person and building a family with that person.

Other members of the opposite sex don’t appeal to you anymore

You see the people of the opposite sex around you all the time, but don’t really notice them; that special someone is by far the most attractive person you have ever met and is the most appealing person on the face of this planet.

They become your priority

If you care about their safety and happiness over your own, then you are in for the real deal mate. You have fallen hard. You try to protect and provide for that person in every sense of the word.

Children enter the picture

The idea of starting a family with your loved one tempts you and the idea of bringing a new life in this world on the basis of the love that you have for that special someone appeals to you.

You don’t mind compromising sometimes

‘My way or the highway’ is no longer your motto. You find yourself trying to accommodate him/her into your plans or altering your plans to suit theirs.

The kiss is more than just a kiss

Going weak in the knees and exploding fireworks are the sensations you fell when you kiss that special someone. It’s unlike any other kiss you have ever experienced. It’s an amazing feeling that makes you all numb and weak-kneed.

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