Love at First Sight

 Love at First Sight

love-at-first-sightDo you believe in love at first sight? Is it simply a farce or a something really clicks, however, you are free to believe it or not!

There are many who say, that the moment I saw him, I fell in love him/her, she was so charming and beautiful and after that it ends or goes on for a lifetime. According to many psychologists who say that relationship based on love at first sight depends on our psychological state at the moment. It is also said that all it takes about 30 seconds for men and women to fall in love or precisely speaking to estimate whether the person is worth to fall in love with. Still it is interesting to see that men fall in love first.

When women or men fall in love at the first sight you are usually ready and willing to fall in love. How do you fall in love? In a relationship first you see the appearance, voice, gestures, smell. Obviously, qualities are important but beauty catches your attention first.

However, if you fall in love with quiet unknown person and see if the attraction is mutual than God has chosen a partner that genetically suits you a lot. In this case it is like “aha, match!”

There are many cases with people really falling in love and spending happy endings together. But dreaming about beautiful moments with a perfect stranger doesn’t always work out! It might be that you want to be in a relationship and trying to fill up the empty space inside you. Sometimes it takes patience and time for men and women to find out the true nature of their feelings, mind that wonders do happen but not as often as we would like them too.

This much is true, that everyone dreams about the perfect love and happy endings in a relationship but it is in the hands of God to decide where and when you are destined to meet the first love!

There are, all kinds of love like, puppy love, first crush and true love which every one experiences. Scientist claim that we pay much attention to what our eyes and ears tell us but on the subconscious level the way the person smells play a very big part in his or her expression on us although we don’t recognize it.

Love is unpredictable, addictive and amazing thing which promise to make your life special than ever!

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