Latest Beard Trends for Men

 Latest Beard Trends for Men

Beard Trends for MenBeards for men are measured as the beauty of men’s face. There was a time in the past when beards were considered as a manly hood of all men. Men could not even think of themselves without a beard. However, as change is the law of nature, this concept of beard for men changed. A number of people don’t support the idea of beard styles, as beards for men were considered to be informal. But nowadays, beards for men have started to become a part of being formal. All types of beard styles have entered the amphitheatre of fashion. Beard styles are supported by celebrities.

Men with different beard styles always stand out of the crowd. It is well known story about Abraham Lincoln. Some little girl wrote him a letter to grow beard. Lincoln acted on her advice. Now we cannot even think about Lincoln without a beard. You can give yourself a new appearance by different beard styles.

There is no unique beard for men that will suit every guy. According to the individual’s natural facial features, he may select a beard style that best suits his personality.

  • First is a chin curtain beard for men. This beard style is basically a curtain of hair growing on the lower part of the face, only along the jaw line and without a moustache. This beard for men extends from cheek to cheek. This beard style includes a version of chin strap that looks sleek and is easy to maintain.
  • Next up is the goatee is an entire class of different beard for men marked by facial hair only confined to the chin area. Inspired from male populace of the goat community, this is a good beard style and has become quite popular among the young generation.
  • Another type of beard for men is the French beard style. This is a combination of a goatee, attached with a moustache by a small beard bridge. It is quite a sophisticated beard style. It is particularly recommended for men with small chins. The broad French beard for men balances the facial proportion, by broadening the chin. The people who have double chins are also recommended these types of beard styles as it hides their double chin.
  • Soul patch is another beard for men that are greatly preferred by jazz musicians. It’s a small patch of beard under the lips and above the chin. It can be given a lot of shapes like rectangular, triangular and many more. But, the above mentioned beard styles are the most popular in this category.
  • One of the beard styles ladies love the most is the stubble one. It’s a two day grown beard that gives a tough guy look and is easy to maintain.
  • This is a beard style that extends from the temples, and continues down along the jaw line. This type of beard for men may or may not be accompanied by a moustache. Gives you a kind of a ‘lion mane’ kind of a look.

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