Beard styles for men

 Beard styles for men

Beard styles for men

Beard styles for menBeard and mustache is considered to be the beauty of men face. It is also a factor which distinguishes a man and a boy. There was a time in past when beard was considered as a manly hood of all the men. Men could not even think of themselves without beard. However as the time passed by everything changed and so did the culture of growing beard.

Nowadays many men stay well clean shaved. In many organizations clean shaved men are considered to be formal. Nevertheless like all other styles, beard has also entered the arena of fashion. We can see number of styles of beard in our everyday life. These styles of beard are usually supported by famous celebrities.

Beard enhances the look of a man. Styling beard can give person entirely a new look. Changing the styles of beard can even completely change the personality of the person. Man with different and well suited beard always stands out of the crowd. It is well known story about Abraham Lincoln. Some little girl wrote him a letter to grow beard. Lincoln acted on her advice. Now we cannot even think about Lincoln without a beard. Strange but true. Beard was the significant part of Lincoln’s personality. Here I’m not trying to say that by keeping beard you can become president of some country. Still you can give yourself a new appearance by different style of beards.

Some of the famous beard styles of today’s time are as follows.

French beard

Beard only on chin attached with the mustache results into a French beard. Well-trimmed French beard gives an ultimate formal look to all men.

Goatee beard

It is one of the coolest beard styles. As the name refers, this beard style is adopted by getting impressed from goats. In goatee beard your facial hair are only restricted to your chin area. You can keep a well-trimmed goatee like Arabs or a long hair goatee like Asians and rock stars. Choice is yours. homepage Try both and look for the one that suits you best.

Patch beard

Patch beard is the smallest kind of all the beards. It starts form lower lip and ends before chin starts. You can give it different geometrical shapes like triangle or square.

Stubble beard

Stubble beard is a rough and tough look beard. Stubble beard is actually a 2 days beard which gives man a rough look. From these beard styles you can pick one which suits you the best according to your face structure and give your personality a new form.

Beard styles are pretty famous in Hollywood.

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