Top Ten Hollywood flirty actresses

Top 10 Flirty Hollywood ActressesFlirt has always been the spark of life for Hollywood actresses. The life of beautify and sexy Hollywood actresses are not only filled with spicy gossips and busy work routines, but are full of crispy sneak-peeks of their love life. Some of the biggest flirty actresses in Hollywood who have a crunch of break-up, patch-up, dating and sex stories in their lives are:

Paris Hilton

The socialite is a natural flirt with her true flirty instincts. She is among those Hollywood actresses, who have attracted many hot men by her sexy lures and body flashing techniques. Paris Hilton is often caught flirting, kissing and having relationship with a list of men including Angers Benji Madden, Kevin Federline, Stavros Niarchos, Adrien Brody and Josh Hartnett.

Paris Hilton among Top 10 Flirty Hollywood Actresses

Blake Lively

The “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively is also among the flirty actresses of Hollywood. First she tried to boost her chemistry with Ryan Gosling and now she has got a new fellow flirt Leonardo DiCaprio after her visit to Cannes Film Festival.

Blake Lively in Top 10 Flirty Hollywood Actresses

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is among those Hollywood actresses, who have a pretty interesting flirty past. Though the flirty actress got married to Ryan Reynolds, but after ending her two-year marriage, she has been spotted having various men including, Jude Law, Sean Penn and now Justin Timberlake.


Kim Kardashian

The hot and sexy Kim Kardashian is among the much-talked flirty actresses. She has flirted and dated with rapper and singer Kanye West. The Hollywood acterss also flirted with Justin Bieber, but finally got engaged to sportsman Kris Humphries.


Kristen Stewart

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart got too much fame for flirting with Twilight’s co-star Robert Pattinson. After a whirlwind romance with Pattinson, she also tried on Taylor Lautner.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is the biggest among flirty actresses with her long list of flirts and wrongdoings. The list of Lohan’s flirts includes Adam Lambert, Gerard Butler, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chace Crawford and her openly gay friend Samantha Ronson.


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is the flirty bird among the Hollywood actresses. She has always chosen good-looking and famous men. After separating from ex-husband Chris Robinson, the Hollywood actress began dating with baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

Emma Roberts

The flirty actress Emma Roberts first took Alex Pettyfer under her spell and since February 2011, she has been dating a cute college kid Dathan Kuppin.

Jennifer Aniston

The flirty actress Jennifer Aniston got settled after marrying Brad Pitt, but their union ended in divorce in 2005. The list of flirts by Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston includes John Mayer, Bradley Cooper and now the new man in her life is screenplay writer Justin Theroux.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the flirty actresses, who have now become a one-man-woman. Her flirts and relationships include Jonny Lee Miller, Jenny Shimizu, Billy Bob Thornton, Val Kilmer, Timothy Hutton and Brad Pitt.


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