Prince William warned of King Charles’ ‘well-documented’ jealousy

 Prince William warned of King Charles’ ‘well-documented’ jealousy

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Prince William has recently received a cautionary note, advising him to tread carefully in not triggering King Charles’ well-documented jealous tendencies, particularly in light of his latest speech.

The Prince of Wales delivered a compelling address during his visit to Singapore for the Earthshot Prize last week. In this speech, the future King articulated his ambition to step further away from the Royal Family’s traditional role and actively contribute to bringing tangible changes across the globe.

As reported by the Daily Beast, a close associate of King Charles and Queen Camilla has offered advice to Prince William, urging him to be cautious and not awaken what they referred to as the “green-eyed monster.”

According to the source, William is well within his rights to make such comments, which, in essence, are relatively ordinary. However, the success of Charles and Camilla’s marriage is attributed to Camilla’s understanding that Charles is the focal point.

The warning to William emphasizes the need for him to avoid triggering any feelings of jealousy in Charles. Royal expert Clive Irving, in a previous statement to the Daily Express, highlighted Charles’ tendency to be “jealous” of the limelight, especially in the context of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Irving suggested that there has been a negotiated understanding between the parties involved regarding the allocation of the limelight, as Charles is consistently wary of others overshadowing him. This cautionary advice to Prince William comes against the backdrop of these dynamics within the Royal Family.

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