‘My Daddy Just Killed My Momma:’ Jealous Ex Allegedly Killed Mom of 4 in Front of Kids

 ‘My Daddy Just Killed My Momma:’ Jealous Ex Allegedly Killed Mom of 4 in Front of Kids

Jameka Williams/Facebook

A tragic incident unfolded on Friday night as a woman, Jameka Williams, 38, was allegedly shot by her on-and-off boyfriend in front of her three children. Williams, who was preparing to go out for the night in her Missouri City bedroom, was in the process of pressing her hair when the incident occurred, according to her sister, told ABC13.

The boyfriend, the father of two of her four children, allegedly shot her after an argument. Williams’ 14-year-old daughter called her aunt in distress, revealing the horrifying news. The suspect fled the scene in his car and has not been located since.

While the police have not publicly disclosed the identities of the victim or the suspect, they indicated that the couple had been involved in a dispute leading up to the shooting. Relatives of Williams shared that she and the alleged assailant had a tumultuous relationship, dating on and off since high school but recently breaking up.

The tragic event unfolded as the man confronted Williams while she was preparing to go out with friends, expressing control over her plans. Reportedly, he retrieved a gun and confronted her, leading to the fatal shooting.

Three of Williams’ daughters, aged 14, 12, and 7, witnessed the distressing scene, with the man allegedly pointing the weapon at her face and firing. Williams’ 18-year-old son was spared from witnessing the crime.

On Monday, the Houston Police Department revealed that no one was in custody, heightening concerns for the safety of Williams’ loved ones. In response to the devastating incident, a social media campaign under the hashtag #JusticeforJameka has been initiated to raise awareness of her senseless murder and to locate the alleged perpetrator.

Williams’ cousin, Elisia Williams, expressed frustration on Facebook, stating, “Can’t even come forward and turn yourself in. You did this s–t in front of YOUR OWN KIDS.” Friends and family are mourning Jameka Williams and calling for justice to be served in her name.

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