Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘bizarre’ perception of royal family slammed

 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘bizarre’ perception of royal family slammed


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s perception of their time within the Royal Family may not entirely align with the reality of the support they received, according to recent insights shared by a royal commentator. Speaking on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, Simon Vigar, a seasoned observer of royal affairs, provided a fresh perspective on the couple’s experiences at the Palace.

Vigar explained that contrary to the couple’s own beliefs, there were concerted efforts from both within and outside the Palace to welcome Meghan Markle and make her feel integrated after her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018. He suggested that these efforts were extensive and aimed at easing her transition into royal life, a change that came with immense public and private pressures.

”The idea that people never wanted it to work – I find it completely bizarre,” he said. Noting people in the Palace “bent over backward” for the duchess, the Channel 5 broadcaster explained their cherishment came from the prince’s fondness toward Meghan. Vigar also claimed the media coverage was “very positive,” adding, it did not align with the picture of events painted by the Sussexes following their exit from the Firm.

”Covering events, her first walkabouts in the winter of 2018 before the wedding – you could see that the demographic had changed,” he explained. ”That the people who had turned out to see Harry and Meghan – there was a clear transformation […], which was great. ”It was reflecting modern Britain,” Simon shared, noting, that all of it has been brutally “squandered” with Harry and Meghan stepping down as senior royals in 2020. ‘It’s a great shame,” he added.

According to Vigar, several initiatives were put in place to support Meghan as she navigated her new role. These included the assignment of experienced aides and advisors who were tasked with helping her understand and fulfill her duties as Duchess of Sussex. Moreover, programs and meetings were specifically tailored to introduce her to the various charities and patronages that would later become a significant part of her royal engagements.

However, despite these supportive measures, the narrative that has often been portrayed in the media, and indeed by the couple themselves in various interviews, suggests a different experience. Meghan and Harry have spoken about feeling isolated and lacking in the necessary support from the institution, which contributed to their decision to step back from their roles as senior members of the Royal Family.

Vigar’s comments add an interesting layer to the ongoing discussion about the royal couple’s struggles and their controversial decision to relocate to the United States. He highlighted that the support system was robust but perhaps not perceived as such by Meghan and Harry, who may have faced challenges that were not fully addressed by the existing protocols.

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