Christina Applegate gets candid about throwing up after tainted salad

 Christina Applegate gets candid about throwing up after tainted salad


Christina Applegate recently shared a candid account of her challenging medical experience caused by a virus she contracted from a contaminated salad. At 52 years old, the actress openly discussed the distressing repercussions of the incident on the latest episode of the “MeSsy” podcast, which she co-hosts with Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

During the podcast, Applegate delved into the specifics of her ordeal, revealing that the virus led to such severe gastrointestinal issues that she was forced to wear diapers. The revelation comes as part of her broader effort to demystify health struggles and engage in open conversations about often-stigmatized conditions.

Applegate described how she got into contact with COVID-19 via a close friend who “dropped the ball and went to a bowling alley and came home with the stuff” in the episode¬†Can I Be Honest? The actress, who disclosed that she received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in August 2021, claimed that the illness developed into long-term COVID, leading to a chest infection and myocardial abnormalities, including “weird stuff where it speeds up all of a sudden.”

She reflected back on “pissing out of my a– for a few days to the point where I was so dizzy. I was so sick, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t [do] anything.” After doing a stool test, she was diagnosed with sapovirus, which is “responsible for both sporadic cases and occasional outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis,” per the National Institutes of Health.

“It is when you ingest the fecal matter of someone else from your food,” Applegate explained. “Someone else’s poop went into my mouth and I ate it.” The actress believed that she got infected by a salad at a restaurant and admitted that she woke up “at three o’clock in the morning in a pool of s—.” “Didn’t know it happened, and having MS at three o’clock in the morning and trying to change your sheets, it’s not fun. But this brings me to my next point, which we can talk about: I’m wearing diapers,” Applegate said.

Applegate’s willingness to share such personal details about her health challenges underscores her commitment to transparency and support for others who might be dealing with similar issues. The discussion on the podcast was not only a recount of her physical struggles but also an exploration of the emotional and psychological impacts of dealing with unexpected health crises.

The incident began when Applegate ate a salad that, unbeknownst to her, was contaminated. The resulting illness was severe enough to require significant changes to her daily life and routines, highlighting the often-overlooked dangers of foodborne illnesses. Her situation sheds light on the broader implications of such health issues, including the potential for serious, dignity-stripping consequences like the need for adult diapers, a topic that many might find difficult to discuss openly.

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