Kate Middleton taught Buckingham Palace who’s allergic to dignity, says Royal commentator

 Kate Middleton taught Buckingham Palace who’s allergic to dignity, says Royal commentator

Samir Hussein – Pool/WireImage

Experts believe that Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis has served multiple purposes, including exposing who’s allergic to dignity and providing other significant insights. Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser has shared her thoughts on the matter in one of her most recent pieces for News.com.au.

Elser began her analysis by noting that “this year has been one of great learnings.” She reflected on the various ways Kate Middleton’s health battle has shed light on personal and public reactions, as well as broader societal implications.

Because “If you want to be shockingly Californian about the whole thing, this year has been one of great learnings.” She began it all by making some sly jibes about the whole thing like how, “We’ve learned that kings are all too human, that Dukes of York are impervious to shame and allergic to dignity, and that Prince Louis will perpetually give great face when released from behind the Adelaide Cottage hedges. “But there are some parts of this year’s royal story, and the horrible reality of both the Princess of Wales and King Charles’ battles with cancer, that have never been explained,” she also added before signing off. 

“Kate’s journey has revealed much about the people around her,” Elser wrote. “It has exposed those who handle adversity with grace and those who falter in the face of someone else’s suffering.” Elser also emphasized the educational aspect of the Duchess’s experience. “This situation has been a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy and support,” she noted. “It has been a stark lesson in human behavior and the different ways individuals react to illness and vulnerability.”

Throughout her piece, Elser highlighted the resilience and dignity that Kate has maintained during her ordeal. “Despite the challenges, Kate has shown remarkable strength,” she observed. “Her ability to stay composed and focused on her duties has been truly inspiring.”

The royal commentator also pointed out the broader implications of Kate’s illness for the Royal Family. “This has been a test for the entire Royal Family, not just Kate,” Elser explained. “It has forced them to confront their own vulnerabilities and the public’s expectations of them.”

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