Meghan Markle ‘Stepping on Toes’ as She Shifts Gears with Lifestyle Brand, Insider Reveals

 Meghan Markle ‘Stepping on Toes’ as She Shifts Gears with Lifestyle Brand, Insider Reveals

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Meghan Markle is reportedly planning a significant shift for her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, following a lackluster reception of her initial products. According to the latest report, the Duchess of Sussex is risking ‘stepping on the toes’ of some famous names in Hollywood as she ventures into the wine industry.

After her attempt to impress friends with her strawberry jam fell flat, the mother-of-two is now set to launch a line of wines under her brand. This ambitious step into the competitive wine market means Meghan will be going up against well-established celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Post Malone, Brad Pitt, and Snoop Dogg, among others.

“Meghan is keen to make a mark in the lifestyle sector, and she believes that launching a wine range could be the key to success,” an insider revealed. “However, she risks stepping on the toes of some pretty big names in Hollywood.”

“There’s a lot of pressure on Meghan to find something profitable,” the insider spoke of Meghan while speaking to Life & Style, noting her and Prince Harry’s canceled Spotify and Netflix deals, and a decline in contributions to their Archewell Foundation.

“She’s been casting a wide net, but some people think it just shows how desperate Meghan is,” the source commented. “Her products are all over the place.” The source noted that Meghan is aware of the wine market’s is ‘lucrative,’ adding, “It’s looking like a total cash grab.” Meghan’s decision to enter the industry has raised some eyebrows as they said that she might be “stepping on some toes.”

Noting her close connections with Diaz, the insider said, “It’s pretty brazen that she’s moving in on her territory. Meghan doesn’t seem to care that she’s competing with a friend.” “She and Harry aren’t steadily making the kind of money they need to continue their lavish lifestyle. Their future depends on her success. Meghan absolutely feels like it’s sink or swim time.”

The report highlights that while the Duchess’s initial product offerings didn’t garner the desired acclaim, she is optimistic about the potential of her new venture. The wine industry, with its blend of sophistication and celebrity endorsement, presents a new opportunity for Meghan to leverage her star power and business acumen.

“Meghan’s team has been working tirelessly to ensure that the new line of wines stands out in a crowded market,” the insider added. “They are focusing on quality and branding to create a product that resonates with consumers.”

This move comes as part of Meghan’s broader strategy to establish a strong foothold in the lifestyle and wellness sectors. With her background in entertainment and a keen eye for trends, she aims to position American Riviera Orchard as a significant player in the industry.

The upcoming launch is being closely watched by both fans and industry experts, eager to see if Meghan’s foray into wine will yield better results than her previous efforts.

As Meghan prepares to introduce her wine collection, the pressure is on her to deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Whether this new venture will help her lifestyle brand achieve the success she envisions remains to be seen. For now, all eyes are on American Riviera Orchard as it gears up to compete with some of the biggest names in Hollywood’s wine industry.

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