Trump’s SH0CKING Video: Links Mask Mandates to 2024 Election Fraud! What’s REALLY Going On?

 Trump’s SH0CKING Video: Links Mask Mandates to 2024 Election Fraud! What’s REALLY Going On?

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Donald Trump has once again become the center of attention, this time for an explosive video shared on X (previously known as Twitter). In the video, Trump fiercely condemns the return of mask mandates in response to newer COVID-19 strains.

Going beyond just public health, Trump ties the mask mandates to speculated election interference for the 2024 race, reigniting debate on whether public health decisions are being influenced by political agendas.

The video, racking up an impressive 2.4 million views, features Trump announcing his intentions to slash funds for entities, ranging from schools and colleges to airlines and public transportation, if they impose mask or vaccine rules. This revelation from Newsweek comes as many institutions are reinstating safety precautions due to the rise of new variants like EG.5 and BA.2.86.

While the World Health Organization isn’t overly worried about EG.5, the CDC has shown concern over BA.2.86’s potential to impact previously immune individuals. Their recent stats from August 19 spotlight a near 19% surge in COVID-related hospital admissions in the U.S. within a week.

Yet, despite this surge, Trump in his video argues that the “left wing” is capitalizing on the new variant fears to push their agendas. Making a bold connection, he said, “They rigged the 2020 election, and now they aim to do the same by leveraging the most crucial election in our nation’s history.”

Trump’s claims of election fraud have consistently peppered his speeches, becoming central to his 2024 Republican nomination campaign. Meanwhile, he’s contending with legal challenges linked to allegations surrounding the 2020 election. Dismissing these, he views them as roadblocks to his potential 2024 run.

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, masks, along with social distancing and vaccines, became pillars of prevention. Although the community is divided over masks’ standalone effectiveness, there’s a broad agreement on their value when combined with other preventive measures.

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