Explosive Reactions: What Did Don Jr. REALLY Say About Michelle Obama? Fans and Critics Weigh In

 Explosive Reactions: What Did Don Jr. REALLY Say About Michelle Obama? Fans and Critics Weigh In


In the latest episode of his online show ‘Triggered’, Donald Trump Jr. stirred a major controversy when addressing the baseless conspiracy theory surrounding former First Lady Michelle Obama’s gender.

During a Q&A segment, Don Jr. encountered the question, “Is Michelle Obama a dude?” His response, delivered with laughter, hinted at the conspiracy theory, stating, “Have you ever seen a picture of her pregnant?” Though he tried to dial back his comment with a light-hearted “Just kidding,” the damage was done.

For years, far-fetched rumors have circled the internet, suggesting that former President Barack Obama is gay, Michelle Obama is a man, and their children were born through surrogates. This conspiracy, with unclear origins, gained traction on platforms like Reddit and Facebook during Obama’s presidency.

Don Jr.’s comments quickly went viral on X, formerly Twitter. Many users hit back with pictures showing a pregnant Michelle Obama. Comments ranged from critiques of the Trump family’s affinity for conspiracy theories to others mockingly turning the tables on Don Jr.

Mike Rothschild, a conspiracy theory debunker, linked this baseless theory to the far-right’s increasing push around “Trans panic.” On Twitter, he highlighted that “Trans panic” plays a significant role in QAnon myths. He stated that such conspiracies, like Michelle Obama’s gender, are pervasive and harmful.

Adding fuel to this conspiracy fire, an old video clip of late comedian Joan Rivers jokingly referencing the same theory has re-emerged online.

Amid this controversy, a recent news piece reported by OK! spotlighted a candid moment between the Obamas. The couple was pictured at the Acropolis in Athens, where Barack was seen placing his hand affectionately on Michelle’s behind. This intimate moment was captured by TMZ and showcased the bond between the former President and First Lady.

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