10 Ways to Know If She is Flirting!

Know If She is Flirting!

know if she is Flirting!Flirting is an art that girls use off and on. It is the only sweeter tool to attract men. Every girl sends some flirting signals to a man that are pretty, cute, luring and sometimes extra seductive to entice him.

Smart girl knows playing up with her art of flirting carefully without making man noticed if he is being flirted or not. There are “top ten ways to know if she is flirting” and are a tutorial for men to know if she is flirting.



She smiles looking at you

The very first art of flirting is to smile looking at man she wants to flirt with. If any girl exclusively smiles for you it means she has initiated the art of flirting.

She makes eye contact with you

Eyes are the window to heart that’s why a flirty girl makes her eye contact with man she likes to infatuate.

She goes out of way for being noticed

Next art of flirting is to be noticed by man girl want to intimate with. For this she adopts different tactics going out of her way. Sometimes she shows extra concern or sometimes shows isolated and lonely behavior to entice mans.

She does cute and seductive body moves

Naughty girl tries some cute and seductive body moves like playing with her lips and hair. She sometimes unbuttons her shirt and then buttons it to seduce man.

She will try to look best

She will dress best and will try some different outfits to attract man.

She provides you opportunity

The very next art of flirting is to provide him an opportunity to have close relationship that is very hard to avoid for man.

She initiates conversation

After getting little bit closer she initiates conversation and talks about very general stuff.

She tries to enter your personal space

Gradually when you give her enough chance she tries to enter your personal space. She asks about your likings, disliking and hobbies to get an overview of your personality.

She asks about your activities

Soon she asks how you spend time, what you do, where you go and whom you meet that provides a comfortable atmosphere for budding new relationship.

Flirting Girl starts seducing you

After getting so much closer by using pretty art of flirting, she starts seducing you. Shows extra body and mouth needs to be kissed and finally you end up kissing her….!! This is real art of flirting.

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