Bradley Cooper faces online backlash over his awkward Leonard Bernstein interview

 Bradley Cooper faces online backlash over his awkward Leonard Bernstein interview

CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

Bradley Cooper, esteemed director and actor, is under scrutiny following the circulation of a resurfaced clip from a heartfelt interview with CBS, which has gained traction on social media platforms.

During the interview, Cooper engaged in a candid conversation with Leonard Bernstein’s children, discussing the profound connection they developed while collaborating on a biographical project. However, some online viewers found Cooper’s emotional display during the interview to be “embarrassing,” particularly his admission of missing the late composer, despite never having met Bernstein before his passing in 1990.

Despite the criticism, several individuals have come forward to defend Cooper’s sincerity as both an artist and actor. One user expressed disbelief at the level of criticism directed towards Cooper, emphasizing that he simply portrayed someone he deeply admired and tried his best in the process.

Users on X appeared divided over how they felt about Cooper’s behavior.

“That man died nearly 35 years ago… i am fkn crying at ‘we shared something very special,’” one user wrote on X.

“If we give him an Oscar will he stop doing this kind of thing,” another user asked.

Similarly, others echoed sentiments of support, questioning the validity of labeling Cooper’s emotional response as “cringe,” considering his genuine admiration for Bernstein and his portrayal of the legendary figure.

As the anticipation for the Academy Awards builds, Cooper’s film “Maestro” finds itself amidst stiff competition, particularly from Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer.” Both films have garnered significant attention, with “Maestro” securing seven nominations, including one for Best Actor, where Cooper competes alongside Cillian Murphy for the coveted award.

The discourse surrounding Cooper’s emotional interview underscores the complexities of artistic expression and the varying interpretations it elicits. Despite differing opinions, Cooper’s dedication to his craft and reverence for the individuals he portrays remain undeniable aspects of his work.

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