Conservatives Eye Michelle Obama as Surprising Choice to Succeed Biden

 Conservatives Eye Michelle Obama as Surprising Choice to Succeed Biden


At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a straw poll revealed a strong sentiment among conservatives that Michelle Obama could potentially win the Democratic presidential nomination over the current President, Joe Biden.

This speculation comes amid the anticipation of the 2024 presidential race, where both Biden and former President Donald Trump are aiming for another term in office. The discussions around the age and mental acuity of Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, have intensified, especially with the prospect of their rematch drawing attention.

Trump has maintained his lead as the Republican frontrunner despite legal hurdles and a crowded field, outpacing rivals like Ron DeSantis, who has since exited the race. Nikki Haley remains in the competition, challenging Trump for the GOP nomination. On the Democratic side, despite Biden’s early successes in primaries across South Carolina, Nevada, and New Hampshire, a significant 56 percent of CPAC attendees doubt his nomination for a second term.

A survey by McLaughlin & Associates, conducted from February 24 to 26, with 1,478 respondents, indicates that nearly half believe Michelle Obama could be the Democratic choice, with 47 percent backing this possibility. Others in the speculative mix include California Governor Gavin Newsom at 32 percent, Vice President Kamala Harris at 6 percent, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at 2 percent, according to a Newsweek report.

Despite these speculations, Michelle Obama has consistently dismissed any intentions of pursuing a political career. In a 2013 dialogue with Oprah Winfrey, she expressed her commitment to service, especially towards children, and underscored her disinterest in politics, stating it needs to resonate with one’s soul, which it doesn’t with hers.

With the political arena buzzing with theories about her potential candidacy, Michelle Obama remains focused on her service-oriented initiatives, particularly those benefiting children. As the former first lady balances public speculation with her resolve, the question of her venturing into a presidential run remains a subject of intrigue in the evolving political narrative.

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