Effective Ways To Enhance Family Time

 Effective Ways To Enhance Family Time

The best ways to improve family life always start with you.

There is always a question in your mind and you feel guilty about not spending enough time with near and dear ones of the family. Here are some really simple tips that will enable you to neutralize the congestion of busy schedule and find time for the family.

There are loads of things to be done and these involve laundry work, office work followed by time in the kitchen which consume most of your time with the result that parents are not given enough attention, although they are the most loved ones. So a solution has to be found and a balance needs to be created.

List the work to be done:

The work to be done must be categories into sections like do not, delegate and do it yourself. In this connection the researchers advise us that first of all we must cross out the unnecessary work items. It has to be kept in mind that there are a number of things that we do just as a matter of routine or by habit. Such items must be shifted to the ‘do not ‘ category. Then there are tasks which can easily be delegated. Do not hesitate to shift such tasks to delegate section. And finally you come to items that you have to do. Immediately opt for placing a pleasant face sign and make the symbol an attractive one so that you look forward to the assignment.

Use Existing Resources:

Review the resources that are available and take advantage out of such resources. In case of laundry, ask the laundry person to perform delivery also. If a neighbor is willing to help with a task, do not turn down the offer or feel shy. Please also manage errands by location and try and finish them in one trip. As for clean out work, seek help. However, remember not to over stretch the person who volunteers to help you. And do not forget to say thank you or give more incentive like a dinner offer.

Let the kids perform too:

There are many tasks you can handle better that the kids but don’t let this stop you from delegating work to them. Infact do such delegation without the least hesitation as when the tasks are carried out together it becomes bonding time with the kids. Experts encourage such actions as in this way the kids are made capable of working independently.

Avoid tasks that waste time:

At times a lot of time is consumed in looking for things that are not stored at their assigned place. So get organized and follow a system for storage of things or items. For example, the keys have to be in a hook meant for them. Then footwear must be in a shelf. And every night ensure that the dress for next morning is in place. This will save you from morning stress.

Start relying on technology:

Place your reliance on technology. Make use of the facility of email or SMS alerts. Any alerts about road jams can help in scheduling. As for shopping show reliance on procuring things online. Don’t hesitate to prevent conflicts of scheduling by programming important dates — like parent-teacher conferences, school holidays, field trips and business trips — into the calendar on your smartphone. Download an app that will sync the entire family’s calendar across different phones.

Stock cooked items:

When you cook something that is liked very much, make sure that you double the recipe and freeze one to be consumed later. Vegetables must also be stocked so that salad can be prepared at a short notice. And use the left overs for making a quick sandwich that can be a good meal for next day’s lunch. Increase your knowledge of recipes by regularly remaining in touch with online cooking sites.

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