Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Stormy Daniels’ Testimony on Latest Episode of “Triggered”

 Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Stormy Daniels’ Testimony on Latest Episode of “Triggered”


Donald Trump Jr. mocked Stormy Daniels during his latest episode of “Triggered,” dismissing her testimony that she felt “blacked out” during her alleged sexual encounter with his father. On Monday, Trump Jr. devoted two minutes of his show to ridiculing Daniels, whose recent testimony in the criminal hush money trial of Donald Trump Sr. had been praised by analysts and reporters for its consistency and legal soundness.

Daniels testified that she received payment to remain silent about the affair she claimed to have had with Trump in 2006. This explanation aimed to clarify her subsequent denials during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and his early years in office. Trump is accused of falsifying business records to conceal the hush money payments to Daniels. He has pleaded not guilty and denies the affair, reports Just Security.

“Bill Maher, of all people, did some investigative reporting this weekend,” Trump Jr. said. “He showed how Stormy Daniels, ‘s story has changed rather dramatically over the years. In other words, she lied on the witness stand.” “Listen, there’s so much commentary I could give to that comment right now, but that’s just gonna get me in trouble at, like, the family dinner table,” he said. “But, like, there’s so much I could say about that.”

During the episode, Trump Jr. played a clip from Daniels’ 2018 interview with Bill Maher, in which she stated, “I wasn’t assaulted, I wasn’t attacked or raped or coerced or blackmailed.” Maher’s questioning of Daniels’ account sparked laughter from Trump Jr., who used it to undermine her credibility.

In court, Daniels maintained that while she was not assaulted or directly coerced, she felt a power imbalance that left her unsure of her ability to refuse Trump’s advances. Her testimony has reportedly prompted several women who allege assault or rape by Trump to connect with each other.

Earlier in the trial, Donald Trump Sr. reacted strongly to Daniels’ testimony, cursing in court, which led Judge Juan Merchan to instruct defense attorney Todd Blanche to control his client. This incident highlighted the tensions and high stakes surrounding the trial, as Trump’s legal team navigates the accusations and the former president’s public reactions.

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