‘Donald got slammed with bad news and then more bad news’: Mary Trump Foresees More Trouble for Uncle Amid Legal Setbacks

 ‘Donald got slammed with bad news and then more bad news’: Mary Trump Foresees More Trouble for Uncle Amid Legal Setbacks

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On Thursday, Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, remarked that her uncle is currently facing a barrage of unfavorable developments, with the promise of more to come. She expressed a sense of vindication following a series of legal setbacks encountered by the former president.

During a court session presided over by Justice Juan M. Merchan, the focus was on allegations that Donald Trump had made payments to women he had extramarital affairs with, aiming to silence them before the election. Mary Trump shared her perspective on the outcome of the hearing by noting that it concluded with the judge admonishing Donald Trump’s legal team and even threatening them with sanctions.

In addition to the courtroom challenges, Mary Trump cited Anthony Scaramucci, who once served as the White House Director of Communications under Donald Trump. Scaramucci suggested that Trump’s efforts to remove Ronna Romney from her position in the Republican National Committee (RNC) leadership were motivated by financial desperation. According to Scaramucci, Trump is “out of money” and is eyeing the RNC’s financial resources as a solution to his monetary woes.

Mary Trump goes on to suggest Trump’s team knows what it’s in for in the expected civil fraud judgment.

“There is no doubt that this case is more important to Donald than any of the others, and knowing him as I do, he is terrified,” she wrote. “Apparently, so is his lawyer Alina Habba, who finally admitted: ‘I’ll be loud and booming after we get the decision. I mean, I’m not — I don’t have high hopes,’ Alina Habba said.”

Mary Trump commented on her uncle’s longstanding portrayal of himself as exceedingly wealthy, suggesting that any threat to this image leads to outbursts from him. She also brought attention to a significant moment in court when Fani Willis, involved in a state election interference RICO case against Trump, made a statement that reportedly took the defense attorneys by surprise.

Another notable point Mary Trump made was regarding Judge Cannon’s decision to reject a request from Donald Trump to delay proceedings in a case concerning documents. She pointed out the irony in Trump facing refusal from a judge whom he appointed and who has historically been inclined to support him, indicating a particularly troubling day for the former president.

Mary Trump’s insights shed light on a series of legal and financial challenges confronting Donald Trump, painting a picture of mounting pressure and dwindling defenses for the former president. These developments, as narrated by his niece, highlight the complex web of legal battles Trump is entangled in, suggesting a precarious period ahead for him.

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