Tori Spelling spotted hugging mystery man following new boyfriend rumors

 Tori Spelling spotted hugging mystery man following new boyfriend rumors

Photo: Getty Images / Santiago Felipe / Contributor

Tori Spelling was recently seen on a shopping trip with a man whose identity remains undisclosed, in Calabasas. This sighting came shortly after she initiated divorce proceedings from Dean McDermott, marking a new chapter in her personal life. The actress, known for her role in “90210,” was seen exiting a Rite Aid store, carrying a shopping bag, and was later captured sharing an affectionate embrace with the man accompanying her.

Adding to the intrigue, Spelling recently took to social media to post an image of herself planting a kiss on rapper Flavor Flav’s cheek during the iHeartRadio Music Awards. She playfully captioned the photo, hinting at a new romantic connection by referring to Flavor Flav as her “new bf,” which stirred curiosity among her followers, reported Daily Mail.


Amidst this flurry of personal developments, there have been whispers of Spelling’s budding romance with Ryan Cramer, a notable figure in the advertising world. Speculation about their relationship gained momentum after the two were seen sharing a kiss in Los Angeles last November, during a time when Spelling’s separation from McDermott was becoming more apparent.

Tori expressed to Flavor, “I love you,” to which he responded, “I got you girl.”  Also, reiterated her sentiment with another “love you.”

The pair’s display of affection didn’t stop there; Spelling also uploaded a video showcasing a warm exchange between her and Cramer on the red carpet prior to a recent event, further fueling rumors about their romantic involvement. On the other side of this unfolding narrative, Dean McDermott appears to be navigating his own path forward in the wake of the split, reportedly finding companionship with Lily Calo.

As both Spelling and McDermott chart new courses in their personal lives following the dissolution of their marriage, the public’s fascination with their respective journeys continues to grow, underscored by Spelling’s recent appearances and social media activity that hints at new beginnings and potential new love interests.

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