Hilary Duff’s New Look Has Fans Doing Double-Take: ‘I Thought You Were J.Lo’

 Hilary Duff’s New Look Has Fans Doing Double-Take: ‘I Thought You Were J.Lo’

(Images via Instagram/HilaryDuff/JLo)

Hilary Duff‘s new style has fans doing a double-take. On Wednesday, the 34-year-old took to Instagram and shared a photo to show off her stunning hair and makeup before her appearance on “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

“She’s swervy on @latelateshow watch tonight!” Duff captioned the picture for her more than 20 million Instagram followers.

The “How I Met Your Father” star’s post sparked a flurry of responses from admirers who thought they were gazing at a fresh photo of Jennifer Lopez.

“It’s giving J.Lo,” one Instagram user commented, while another added, “Omg I thought you were J.Lo for a second! Stunning.”

“Getting J.Lo vibes,” someone echoed.

Another agreed, “I straight-up thought you were J.Lo for a minute there.”

“Who knew Hilary Duff was secretly a baddie underneath all that wholesome energy?” a fan said of the star’s new look. “Girl, you look fire in this photo. The hair? On point. The makeup? Chef’s kiss. The choker and blazer combo? Top tier. Giving all the Jennifer Lopez vibes in the world. It’s uncanny.”

Another added, “Gorgeous! Wow! Did a double-take. Your glam and side profile is giving total J.Lo vibes here.”

During her appearance on “The Late Late Show,” Duff, 34, discussed her children’s reactions to her songs. Banks, Duff’s three-year-old daughter, enjoys her early, “teeny-bopper” music, while her son prefers her more current work, according to Corden.

“So my son was around for like my last album cycle, which was like five, six years ago already now. So he likes some songs off the record and appreciates it,” she said.

As per Yahoo, Duff’s eldest daughter urges her to listen to her early pop music in the car— much to the star’s dismay.

“And you know when your kids ask for something like you are giving it to them or they won’t stop. And so she’s like, ‘I want to hear this, I want to hear that, can I please, can I hear’… I’m like,’ Dua Lipa, can we do something a little more current?'” she added.

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