Meghan Markle Disrupted Prince Harry’s Relationship with Key Royals, Royal Expert Says

 Meghan Markle Disrupted Prince Harry’s Relationship with Key Royals, Royal Expert Says


According to recent revelations from a well-placed source, Kate Middleton had reservations about Meghan Markle early on, even during the initial stages of Prince Harry’s courtship with the American actress. The source indicated that the Duchess of Cambridge had a sense that Meghan might disrupt the close relationship that existed within the royal family, particularly between Prince Harry and herself.

Ingrid Seward, a seasoned royal expert, shared insights with The Mirror, suggesting that the entry of the Duchess of Sussex into the royal circle was seen as a pivotal moment that strained the previously harmonious relationship between Prince Harry and Kate Middleton. Seward noted that traditionally, Prince Harry had a habit of introducing his girlfriends to Kate before making them known to other members of the royal family, highlighting the special bond he shared with the Princess of Wales.

However, after he began dating Meghan, things between the duo changed. “Every time he had a new girlfriend, the first person that would meet her would be Kate,” she said. “And then Meghan came into the mix, and it was disruptive. It wasn’t like the other girlfriends,” she added. “I think that Meghan must have been incredibly envious and then jealous of Kate.”

A former palace courtier during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign also shared, “Kate knew from the start that Meghan was bad news.” They added, “William is also very astute, as he gets that trait from Princess Diana, but he gave Meghan a chance before finding out how she operates.”

“Her late Majesty also figured Meghan out in the first meeting, and Prince Philip grew to despise her very quickly. So it wasn’t a matter of ‘Meghan duped the royals.’ They all knew, but they also knew that she had manipulated Harry like a dog begging for a piece of meat. “There was [also at that time] Kate and Harry’s concern that there was some kind of underlying attraction between William and Meghan, which was ridiculous on their parts to assume that.”

This practice underscored the importance of Kate’s opinion in Harry’s life, signifying her role as both a sister-in-law and a confidante. However, Seward pointed out that the dynamics began to shift with Meghan’s arrival. The introduction seemed to have set the stage for future complexities rather than fostering a supportive trio as might have been hoped.

As Meghan became more integrated into the royal framework, tensions reportedly began to surface. These tensions were not just typical adjustments to royal life but were indicative of deeper undercurrents that perhaps validated Kate’s initial apprehensions. According to Seward, Kate’s early instincts about Meghan influencing the dynamic within the royal family negatively were rooted in her close observations and her understanding of the delicate balance required to maintain harmony within the British monarchy.

The impact of these strained relations became more apparent as time progressed, with numerous reports and incidents suggesting a growing rift between the Sussexes and other members of the Royal Family. This rift was not only personal but also played out publicly, contributing to the narrative of a divided household.

This situation placed Kate in a challenging position, balancing her role within the royal family with the evolving dynamics brought on by new relationships and changing roles. Her initial hesitance about Meghan, as described by Seward, was perhaps a foresight into the challenges that lay ahead, not just for her personal relationships within the family but for the cohesiveness of the royal family’s public persona.

Ultimately, the story as told by Seward paints a picture of Kate Middleton as a figure deeply aware of the intricacies of royal interactions and the impact personal relationships can have on the broader responsibilities borne by the Royal Family. Her initial intuition about Meghan Markle, whether viewed as protective foresight or cautious skepticism, highlights the complexities of blending personal life with the stiff protocols and public expectations of royal duties.

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