Brad Pitt under fire over misusing Château Miraval funds in new countersuit

 Brad Pitt under fire over misusing Château Miraval funds in new countersuit

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Brad Pitt finds himself embroiled in a legal battle as he has been countersued by Tenute del Mondo, the company that purchased shares from his former wife, Angelina Jolie. The lawsuit alleges that Pitt swindled funds from Château Miraval winery, where he maintained control following their separation. The suit, filed on May 13, claims damages exceeding $21 million.

Tenute del Mondo acquired the shares from Jolie’s company, Nouvel, and has since taken legal action against Pitt and his company, Mondo Bongo. The dispute centers around the management and financial handling of Château Miraval, a renowned winery located in Correns, France, known for its prestigious production of rosé wine.

According to court documents reviewed by PEOPLE, Tenute del Mondo accuses Pitt of misappropriating winery funds for personal use and other business ventures, instead of distributing them as dividends and loan repayments as financially prudent for the winery’s operations. The documents detail that substantial amounts of the winery’s resources were allocated to projects that primarily benefited Pitt personally, including over $1 million spent on renovations for a swimming pool that allegedly only he uses.

The countersuit also mentioned that Brad transferred Château Miraval’s assets to multiple side businesses “by funding them with Château Miraval’s money and/or allowing them to use Château Miraval’s image, premises and assets for zero or below market compensation”.

“Brad and Mondo Bongo have turned Château Miraval into their personal piggy bank,” read the countersuit. It also said, “They have entered into a series of transactions using Château Miraval’s funds that have deprived Tenute of the profits and loan repayments to which it is entitled.”

Tenute’s new counter-claim revealed Brad and his company “are refusing to allow Angelina, Nouvel and, now, Tenute to participate in the operations of Château Miraval”. Meanwhile, Tenute reportedly demanded a jury trial for all damages, claiming that the Bullet Train actor and Mondo Bongo “never paid back over $ 21 million loans originally made by Angelina to support the winery”.

This legal confrontation paints a complex picture of the post-divorce business entanglements between Pitt and Jolie, particularly focusing on the financial management and strategic decisions made at Château Miraval. The lawsuit not only highlights the challenges of business partnerships entwined with personal relationships but also raises questions about the future governance and profitability of the Château Miraval estate amid ongoing litigation.

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