Top Ten Greatest Golfers of World

 Top Ten Greatest Golfers of World

Over the last century, golf has emerged jointly of the largest and most generally vie sports within the world. the increase of golf, each in America and round the world, has brought fame and material resource to several, many men, and these days it may be argued that golf game has ne’er been a lot of in style.

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But today’s players owe Associate in Nursing awful ton to those that came before them, as a number of the best golfers of all time sealed the method for today’s young stars and brought quality to the game.  Here are the ten of the best and most prestigious golfers of all time.

top Golfers  Walter Hagen Walter Hagen
One of the best golfers of the primary 1/2 the twentieth century, director Hagen won eleven major championships over the course of his career, smart for third on the uncomparable list behind golf player and Tiger Woods.  A native big apple state resident, Hagen became one thing of a national hero once he became the primary yank to ever bring home a British Open Championship, and he would prolong to win four Open titles all told. once turning professional at the age of twenty,Hagen came up simply wanting winning a career slam, with solely a Masters title missing from his resume.

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His story is admittedly pretty just like that of Frances Ouimet, created renowned within the pic the best Game Ever vie, in this Hagen was from a labour family and commenced out as a caddy before creating a splash within the skilled ranks.  At the time, professional golfers weren’t specifically well regarded at the personal country clubs, and Hagen himself was refused entry to the edifice at the Open Championship of 1920.  Hagen was instrumental in serving to to finish the category division within the world of golf, and he had the great fortune of not being vie by Shiah LeBeouf in an exceedingly pic.

Jack Nicklaus Playing GolfJack Nicklaus
And currently that we’ve gotten Tiger out of the means, we will go on to the person he has been chasing his entire life, Nicklaus.  The Golden Bear is, quite merely, the best participant of uncomparable currently that Tiger’s career has been derailed. golfer is second on the uncomparable wins list, having racked up seventy three victories in his career, together with a staggering eighteen major championships.  He’s won the Masters sixfold, along with his initial and last victories returning a fantastic twenty three years apart, and has completed the career slam four freaking times.

To put in perspective simply however dominant the Golden Bear was over his career, he will lawfully say he “only” won the Open Championship 3 times, since he hasn’t won the other major fewer than fourfold.  We’re about to act and chalk that up as complete and utter domination, and provides the Golden Bear his rightful place because the greatest player of incomparable .

Tiger Woods GolferTiger Woods
Now we’re attending to move and bet you didn’t see this returning. contestation between Tiger and our ideal choose, that shouldn’t be a secret at now, is reasonably like attempting to determine whether or not it’d be higher to attach with Kate Upton or national capital Vergara.  Tiger lands at variety 2, however, for reasons that ought to be pretty obvious.  Had his career mechanical phenomenon continuing on an equivalent path up till that fateful Gregorian calendar month night once his life fell fully apart, he’d possible be our ideal choice. because it stands, it’s exhausting to fathom he can ever be ready to catch Jack Nicklaus for the foremost majors ever won, that solely some years agone perceived to be a mortal lock.  Still, Tiger is actually a once-in-a-generation talent World Health Organization transcends the sport and brings in casual viewers like nobody before him.

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Sam Snead top golferSam Snead
Nicknamed Slammin’ Sammy, golfer managed “only” seven majors over his long and illustrious career, however has another pretty spectacular record to his name: most career PGA victories, with 82.  In between his various playing victories, golfer additionally served in warfare II, presumptively symptom Nazis with a four-iron all across Europe. throughout his career he won the Masters Tournament 3 times, the PGA Championship 3 times, the Open Championship once and finished because the contender fourfold within the U.S. Open.

Snead can even distinguish himself from the other male linksman in history due to somewhat action he accomplished in 1962, once he entered a field of fifteen players and won the angiospermous tree Plaza invited.  What was thus special that specific win? it had been associate degree LPGA event, and linksman was the sole man within the field, creating him the primary and solely man to ever claim triumph in a very women’s tournament.  We’d prefer to believe he competed in drag, however sadly photographic proof suggests this wasn’t the case.

top golfer Arnold PalmerArnold Palmer
Now, a number of you may have expected to search out Arnie somewhat higher on this list, as a result of once you begin naming a number of the foremost far-famed golfers United Nations agency ever contend, once Tiger and Jack, Arnie is probably going consequent guy you’re about to head to.  And truly thus, as this working-class guy with the ugly swing would ultimately become one among the best and hottest golfers of incomparable , with Arnie’s Army following him around each course on that he contend.  Arnie won seven majors, as well as four Masters titles, however what keeps United States of America from bumping him somewhat higher on this list is that the indisputable fact that he ne’er won the PGA Championship, departure his career sweep incomplete.  But hey, a minimum of he’s got a tasty drink named once him, thus he’s got that going for him. that is sweet.

Ben Hogan TOP GOLF PlayerBen Hogan
It’s powerful to high director Hagen for the third spot on our list, however linksman gets the nod not solely as a result of his unbelievable talent and success, however as a result of he’s usually thought of as having the foremost good golf swing within the history of the game. nobody practiced or ready quite linksman, and nobody spent the maximum amount time acting on swing mechanics and technique than anyone United Nations agency came before him; this has LED to folks usually bearing on him because the greatest striker of a ball in history.

In 1953, Hogan conjointly place along one amongst the foremost unforgettable single years in PGA history, finishing what’s currently said because the “Hogan Slam,” which, believe it or not, doesn’t involve Hulkamania.  That year Hogan won 5 of the six tournaments he entered, together with 3 major championships.  He terminated his career with 9 major championships, even overcoming a head-on collision with a hound dog bus that not solely may have killed his career, however the person himself.

Bobby Jones Golf PlayerBobby Jones
Now, in contrast to the opposite guys on this list, there’s one thing terribly distinctive concerning linksman, and that’s the very fact that he ne’er turned professional.  Jones competed for his entire career as associate amateur, and was insanely undefeated, transportation home four U.S.A. Opens and 3 Open Championships in a very seven-year span.  He was additionally a five-time U.S.A. Amateur champion and even won Brits Amateur in 1930.  And then, at the age of twenty eight, he gave up competitive golf.  His influence on golf didn’t stop there, however, as he helped style somewhat links you may have detected of: Augusta National.  And upon completion of the club, Jones co-founded the Masters.  He came out of retirement to contend within the Masters, however solely on associate exhibition basis, and compete till 1948 before hanging up his clubs once and for all thanks to his failing health.

Top Golf Player Gary PlayerGary Player
This South African golf player nicknamed the Black Knight, because of the very fact that he generally wears all black on the course, is arguably the foremost fortunate and far-famed non-American golf player in history, and in his time period he was a recent and rival of each Arnold Daniel Palmer and Jack William Nicklaus.  The 3 waged legendary battles on the course, and Player finished his career with 9 major victories, together with 3 Masters titles and 3 Open Championships.  He’s conjointly the sole non-American to own ever completed the career sweep, and has racked up one hundred sixty five victories on six continents over the past six decades.  Player has conjointly designed quite three hundred courses and written many books, and owns the port of entry Player farm, that sadly doesn’t teach you the way to attain with the women, however may be a prime horse race horse farm.

Byron Nelson GolferByron Nelson
It’s extremely reasonably superb to place confidence in, however 3 of the best golfers in history (Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, and Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale Nelson), were all born at intervals seven months of every different in 1912.  A native of Waxahachie, Texas, Lord Nelson vie professionally between 1935-1946 and won fifty two times, as well as 5 major championships. He was a cheat on winner of each the Masters and therefore the PGA Championship, associate degreed solely the absence of an Open Championship unbroken him from finishing the career slam.

Nicknamed Lord Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale, his gift has remained intact thanks in massive half to the Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale admiral Championship, vie annually in Dallas.  Up till his death in 2006, he was gift at his someone tournament just about once a year.  The admiral Championship is way from the foremost necessary event on the PGA calendar, however all you would like to grasp regarding however the person is viewed by today’s professionals is that the indisputable fact that the overwhelming majority invariably create it some extent to vie out of respect.

Tom Watson Golf playerTom Watson
When thinking of the best golfers of incomparable , you’d most likely jump instantly to a number of the opposite guys on this list, like (SPOILER ALERT) Tiger, linksman and Jack William Nicklaus.  One name you most likely didn’t instantly think about, however completely ought to have, is Tom Watson.  The native of Kansas town was one in all the foremost dominant players within the world within the 1970’s and 1980’s, winning eight majors, together with 5 Open Championships, and turning out simply wanting the career slam, having ne’er finished more than second within the PGA Championship.  What a shirker.

Watson was also aided in his ascendance to the top of the golfing world by a familiar name: Byron Nelson.  Nelson took an interest in a young Watson in 1974, and became his mentor.  It was under Nelson’s tutelage that Watson’s career took off, winning his first career major within a year of working together.

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