Top 10 Women Needs In A Relationship

 Top 10 Women Needs In A Relationship

Relationships are the real facts of human lives, people cannot deny their importance. When human beings get involve in some kinds of relationships, they are actually putting themselves in a treaty to take some responsibilities. The health of relationship depends upon how efficiently the individuals are taking these responsibilities.

If we discuss the gender differences in a relationship we come to know that the women possess power over men in establishing a healthy relationship and taking the responsibilities. They put more efforts for making a good and healthy relationship.

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If men want to value their women’s efforts, want to make their relationship more thriving and also want to bring sparkling and loving charm in their family lives, they should put little more effort. Results will be tremendous. For this the most important thing is to know about the women need.

Top 10 Women Needs/Demands in a Relationship

First of all keep this in mind that women are little complicated than men, but not are exactly the great mystery. Following are some emotional and physical needs of women that they expect from their men.

1. Respect is the Primary Need:Respect women relationshipsRespect their emotions first before taking interest in their bodies. Respect their opinions, their career, their interests, friends and all other activities. Value your women not only through praising word, but through actions as actions speak louder than words.

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2. Women Need to Spend time with you:Spend time realationshipsYou can make your women happy by giving quality time to them. All women love to spend time with their men. This is 21st century and there, the relationship is not considered healthy through only wine and roses. Give your time not only for chit chat and romance, but also for practical help in their daily chores.

3. Consistent Communication:Consistent relationshipsLack of communication might lead your relationship towards worse end. It is necessary to have a good level of communication with your women. Women love to talk, pay attention to them and participate in her talks. This will benefits you in two manners, first this will give the gesture that she is important for you and the second is you will be able to know her inner state.

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4. Love:Love RelationshipsLove is a true bonding emotion that creates intimacy in a relationship. Love your women unconditionally if you truly want to make her happy. 

5. They Need Romance more than Sex:Romance more Sex RelationshipsRomance and sex though connected, but are different in nature. For emotional satisfaction of your women, romance has vital importance. Be romantic with your wife, do some little things like bringing flowers for your wife/girlfriend, speak romantic words. Praise her beauty, her smile, hair and body.

6. Commitment:RelationshipsWomen need strong commitments, always keep your words, this will be highly appreciate by your woman. People who don’t care about the promises are not considered reliable in women’s eyes. 

7. Consistency of Actions:Consistency RelationshipsWomen like continuity and consistency of actions. Women not get bored on listing the same pattern of praise infect they love to hear those words again and gain.

8. Sex:Sexy imagesEvery woman has sexual interest in their partner, so try to be nice in the bedroom. Pay adequate attention that must be not too over not too less.  

9. Romantic Dates:Romantic RelationshipsTry to keep the spirit of your intimacy high; women would love this. Efforts like the invitations of romantic dates are always heart taking for women. Do you know, your 20 year married wife also expect such kinds of invitation from you.

10. Women love Humor:Women love Humor RelationshipsWomen love humor, they like the men who make them laugh. They love to be in the company of a man with good sense of humor instead in the company of a handsome hero.

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