Top Movies of 2013

 Top Movies of 2013

We will be discussing the best movies of the year 2013 to give an idea about the progress that had been made in the Hollywood industry in this year. The movies that capture the hearts of the audience are included in our list of the top best movies of the year 2013. There were many remakes, sequels of movies released this year, and some of them managed to gather real fame and got to achieve hard-core business on the box office as well.

The movies that were best liked by the audience included all kinds of them are ranging from SCI FI to romantic comedies as well. Most of the movies that made on top were the family movies and they grossed the highest due to the large number of family audience going towards them. The family movies did the most business and really promoted the film industry to the heights of success and entertainment.

The top movies of the year 2013 are as follows.

12 years a slave:

12 years a slave movieThe movie was about the clear and true past of the American country. The movie is a beautiful one and has eye-catching screenplay. Along with this great story, script and perfect dialogue delivery by the lead actors have made the movie the biggest hit of the year. It also grossed the highest on the box office in the year 2013.


Mud movieThe story of the movie revolves around the 19th century and is an American movie based on an American story as well. The characters played by all the actors are great and have a certain charm to them which made a large number of audiences to be attracted towards it.

Frances Ha:

Frances Ha movieThe lovely romantic sort of film that aired in the year 2013 was another exceptionally brilliant movie of the Hollywood this year. The movie won the hearts of many by the too good to be true story and the beautiful scenes overlapping the scenes.

The Hunt:

The Hunt movieThe hunt was the most anticipating horror movie of the year. This horror movie had great graphics and a fine story line as well which made the audience glued to the chairs towards the very end of the last scene.

The Great Beauty:

Great Beauty movieThe great beauty was another masterpiece to be show cased in the year. The great screenplay and vivid graphics made it a great hit and the fine addiction to the best movie list also. The movie played characters that looked real and this was the major attraction of the year.


Gravity movieThe gravity was the year’s most beautiful scientific movie. The movie revolved around the theme of space shuttles and space around. The 3D movie was a huge hit and starred Sandra Bullock. The story was about the courage and motivation of two scientists which grabbed the attention of audiences.

Blue is the warmest color:

Blue is the warmest movieThe movie was a full family movie showing the story of the middle class family and the life of a common person as well. The movie had many shining stars which awed the audience with their mind-blowing performances. The movie was liked by many critics and was praised for a great production throughout.

This is the End:

This is the End movieThis movie was actually a comedy movie that showed the post-apocalyptic time that is full of comedy scenes. The actors played well and it was surely a great treat to watch by the audience.

The Spectacular Now:

Spectacular Now movieThe movie is beautiful romantic comedy showing the high school couple who met on a road. The great dialogue delivery and great scenes make a great movie and a total treat to watch as well for all the movie lovers.

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