Video Games Humiliations

 Video Games Humiliations

Video Games HumiliationsLosing is a part of game video games humiliation happens in many games when you get killed with the lowest category weapon. Everybody wants to play and score well in video games mostly don’t like to lose the game like 10 years old. Following are some video games humiliations from top 10 humiliation video games.

Blowing yourself up

All time most humiliating video game about death. Why it is so? Because you appear inexpert and you could cause your character to lose points, resume a checkpoint, lose ranking, lose to a little kid, and cause friendly fire to your team. if you throw the grenade too close or you shoot too close to the red barrels may cause your death. Blowing yourself up is the ultimate in humiliation because it has so many other embarrassments that tag along with such tag. Even inferior is when you kill yourself by accident and don’t even so much as hurt your enemies. They just look at your fiery corpse with a mix of joy and embarrassment for you.

Causing a mass exodus in an online game

In this public humiliation video game at its best, as sucking so bad that people leave the match to get away from you is truly hurting. If gamers can suffer misfortune, this is the No. 1 cause. Your skills online are so horrible that no one wants to play with you and they take their toys and go. You get yourself killed continually, thereby lowering the team’s score, or you injure your own teammates in friendly fire, or you slow everyone down because you get lost, these are just some of the ways to be a video game exile.

Losing after you predicted a victory

You did your victory dance early sometimes. You talked punch and foretold of complete and utter extermination by your crazy mad gaming skills. Now, reality picked up a regulator and has shown you how lame you actually are. Losing after you boast and make known your looming power is embarrassment at its finest. You shot your bark off and now you’re paying the piper. Losing in gaming is part of the challenge, but losing after you beat your chest collapses your ego and your representative. Next time, shut up until you’ve completely won the game.

Losing to a little kid

While losing to a girl is too much hurting about the male ego, losing to a little kid is about sucking beyond the shadow of a uncertainty. Little kids will rub your loss in, and they’ll tell their parents when you curse at losing and they’ll cry if you talk spank. If you lose to a little monster online, it’s particularly aching because their prepubescent voices across the headsets will let everyone know that you got smoked by an 8 year old. Forget that you’re a successful, grown adult player who is doing life big.

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