Top Games of 2013

 Top Games of 2013

The games that are mostly liked by the game lovers are the ones that have the finest kind of graphics and great game play. The game play of a video game is very important in making it a success, if a game had indulging and an easy game play then it will surely capture the heart of the many out there. The games with the awesome graphics and great 3D effects made the list of our top games of the year. Many gaming companies such as game loft, Nintendo, EA sports and others, released the various games. The best and most famous games of the year 2013 are as follows.

GTA 5:

GTA 5 gameGTA or Grand Theft Auto is a famous games form the past many years. This year its fifth edition was released. The game introduced the multiplayer game mode this year along with the introduction of new categories and missions. The new found and advanced gadgets made the game more interesting to be played by the game lovers.

Bio Shock Infinite:

Bio Shock gameThe game is yet another part of the famous game released previously named as bio shock. The game has amazing features and has earned great points in favor of the players. The game play and the story mode of the game is the high light of the game and bounds the players to its game play.

Deadly Premonition:

Deadly Premonition gameThis is another action game introduced by the gamers this year. This game involved the story mode and showed the theme revolving around the life and missions played by an FBI agent. The cop goes and arrests the law breakers with all the cool gadgets and fine graphics to be seen. The finest graphics of the game play make it a great one on the board.

Metro Last Night:

 Last Night gameThe game Metro Last Night is another one on the list. The game had the greatest fight sequences and the fabulous gadgets being used in the game. The main character of the game moves in the post-apocalyptic phase and finishes off many missions while fighting with the aliens as well. The great graphics make it one of the top most played games of the year 2013.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag:

Assassin's Creed gameThe Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a game, which is made by the combination of the two very famous games including Assassin’s Creed and Black Flag, which is a pirate game. The combination of the characters makes it a competent and very interesting one to be played. The game using the story of the two games make it a great one to be played by the game lovers of the both games.

The Stanley Parable:

Stanley Parable gameThe Stanley parable is one of the games to look forward if you want to see the future of the games industry. The game play is a great one and you will be definitely inspired if you will have hands on the game play of this unique game.

The Last of US:

 Last of US gameThis is yet another very fine fighting game. The shooting mode in the game is great one and involves two main characters that can be chosen. The game The Last of US includes shooting off the zombies that are affected by some kind of mysterious disease making them more dangerous for the characters of the game. If you are a lover of the fighting games, then you are going to love this game and will surely want to play it.

Battlefield 4:

Battlefield 4 gameThe game includes the battlefield player’s mode and includes great graphics that are a real treat to watch.

Rogue Legacy:

Rogue Legacy gameThis is a classic kind of game and includes adventures of the lead character shown in the game. It might sound a little old kind of but it surely is a treat to be played on.

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