Star Craft 2

 Star Craft 2

Strategy video games is massively popular among the gamer masses and are currently toping the gaming charts with every release. One of such is StarCraft 2  which has not only made its mark in the real time strategy games but also topped the gaming charts. It has become quite a talk and must play for the gamers. Now let’s tell you a bit about StarCraft 2  and give a little review.

Star Craft 2

StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2  is a real time military strategy game. It is a trilogy sequel of the very StarCraft released in 1998. The first of the trilogy is known as StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty while with two multiplayer expansions namely StarCraft II: Swarm of Hear and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. Out of the two expansions StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm was released on March 2013.

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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty:

First let’s talk about the first Installment of the StarCraft II trilogy Wings of Liberty.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was released in 2007 based on 1998’s StarCraft: Brood Wars as the first part of the three installments. The game is based on three species namely Terrans, Zerg and Protoss. Terrans are human exiles from the planet earth, Protoss are known to be the advanced species with great mental power and are technologically more advance then the other the Zerg are a superior specials with assimilated forms.

The three different installments of the StarCraft II revolve around these three species, one to each of the species. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty revolves around Terrans, Heart of Swarm was focused on the Zerg race while the last and the final installment will focus of the Protoss species.

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Since we are talking about the Wings of Liberty, let me give you a highlight of the plot.


The game is a single player campaign format revolves around the Jim Raynor and his struggle to fight against the unjust rule of emperor of Dominion, Arcturus Mengsk. This is only one of the problems which Raynor is fighting for. Things get much more complicated when The Zerg returns and starts wreaking havoc all over the place going after the Terrans as they search for some mysterious artifacts. In the story Jim Raynor still has feelings for the emperor of Zerg who is also known as The Queen of Blades who was once known as Sarrah Kerrigan. But that’s not all there is to it. A threat greater than The Zerg is approaching and there is a prophecy that only the Queen of Blades will be able to save the galaxy from that evil horror. Raynor has his hands full with all of these problems. He has to fight against the unjust emperor of The Terrans, Defend against the Zerg and protect the galaxy from harm.

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Graphics Engine:

The graphics engine of StarCraft II is not something which was developed in days or months, in fact it took quite a few years to develop and perfect it. Blizzard started developing the Starcraft II graphics engine way back in 2005. After completing the developing, it took around three years to remove the bugs, make it perfect and well-balanced for a thrilling experience.  And the graphics is one of the success reasons for StarCraft II which gives you the experience of the cinematic quality. The heavy requirements will definitely put stress on your graphics card and pc that is the general thought. However, The Blizzard focused on how to minimizing the stress so that you can enjoy the game without any problems. As Blizzard has put extra efforts on the graphics for The Wings of Liberty, the other expansions are said to have even better than the first installment.

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Game Play Features:

Let’s talk about some of the game play features of StarCraft II. From the player view to the info tables, the game developers must have given their brains a tough time for getting the perfect results as it is the most important part of developing a game. No gamer would love a game without the proper game play features now would they?  One of them which are considered the best part is the different war settings which can go through to experience the RTS to its full extent. It has a variety of War settings fog of war which ranges from no fog to fog.

The other most interesting thing are the information tabs which keeps all the data of all your resources, units and unit production through which you can form different strategy for your unit. While another feature is unit selection and you can have many different options on that.

Graphs are another good feature for those gamers who like analyze the data and then moving forward with a plan. You can check and compare the rise and falls of your army, economics and resources which is quite handy when you will be forming a new strategy to defeat your enemies.

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There have been a few graphics glitches reported by the gamers related to the texture of the game however it is assumed that it could be a hardware issue, the graphics card, RAM or the board. Another thing which was observed which may not related to the software glitch but it is related to the game.Some of the gaming sites reported that while playing the game the video card gets over heated which cause permanent damage to the system. Blizzard also looked into this matter however it was later said that it can be another hardware issue due to the heavy graphics.

Another error being reported by the gamers was of the cursor freezing, lines on the cursor sort of being distorted. One cause of the cause was thought to running of the other programs while playing the game and other was using more than one monitor.Summing it up most of the glitches were visual ones which may be the hardware cause or busy system or could require an update in the driver.

Success Reason:

Last but not the success reasons of the game have the spot light. Many reasons lead to StarCraft II’s success. These are as follows:

  • Addicting Storyline
  • New units
  • New Mechanics
  • Strong competitive environment
  • Strategic and tactical depth
  • Replay ability which is you will get something new every time you replay the game.

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