Top Ten Casinos of the World

 Top Ten Casinos of the World

Casino & Gamblingtop ten casinos of the world for gambling

People around the world enjoy gambling be it on smaller level or high betting. United States’ Las Vegas located in Nevada is considered the most exciting resort for the gambling lovers. This city has numerous and spectacular casinos. Les Vegas is also named as the 28th popular city of America regarding entertainment and gambling. Nevertheless, other countries around the globe also have many casinos loved by the professional gamblers.

However, people who have the stamina and patience to get along the casino’s lifestyle should for sure visit the following casinos for gambling , as these are considered top ten casinos of the world.

Bellagio (Las Vegas) 

Casino Bellagio located in Las Vegas is one of the most fascinating casinos of the world as far as professional gamblingis concerned. This alluring nightclub was founded by the renowned MGM Resorts International in 1998. The most exciting thing which makes this casino more unique than others is its non-stop high-action slot machines for Poker lovers. Poker is the popular game played in this huge casino and has 40 poker tables with an extra ordinary environment.


Mohegan Sun (Connecticut)

Another amazing gaming zone is in the beautiful Rhode Islandin Connecticut. This casino is named as the Mohegan Sun casino owned by the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority. This huge and vibrant casino has 300 gaming tables with 6200 slot machines. This extravagant casino is considered the second largest casino of USA after the Foxwoods Casinos. Mohegan Sun is sensuous place for party animals and gamblers, as it provide them with free drinks and light music in the background while gamers enjoy their gamble at the tables.



Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Monte Carloof Monacois also one of the top ten casinos of the world for gambling. This spectacular and bright casino provides huge tables for the gamblers with free drinks and modern non-stop high quality poker machines. This is said to be the most entertaining casinos for the poker-lovers. This attractive gaming resort entertains the crème of the crop.

Wynn Las Vegas (Nevada)

The Wynn casino is the other top casino of the famous Las Vegas. This is such a popular casino which can be seen in many Hollywood and

Bollywood movies, as it is considered film directors favourite place to shoot for any gambling or betting scene. Wynn has a large number of games been played, such as Blackjack, Poker, B6, Carribean Stud and many more. Many top guns of the world are seen sitting in its lounge and enjoying the best time of their life.

Wynn Las Vegas

Tusk Rio Casino Resort (South Africa)

The South African Tusk Rio Resort is also named under the top ten casinos around the globe. This massive casino has trained and created many professional and renowned gamblers. The casino has 400 slot machines situated on a huge and spacious hall where people come for both gamble and fine dinning.

Tusk Rio Casino

Casino Lisboa (Portugal) for gambling

How can we left behind the Portuguese when gambling is concerned. The Casino Lisboa is Portugal’s famous betting zone. The most interesting thing which makes it innovative from othercasinos is its design, as it has been remarkable designed in a Lotus flower shape with vibrant neon lights. It is indeed one of the most beautiful casinos of the world. This creative resort consists of 900 gaming machines and 30 huge tables. The casino has three glittering bars with four restaurants and a hotel located besides. The video poker and tables games are the most entertained attractions of this casino.

Casino Lisboa

MGM Grand Las Vegas (Nevada)

MGM group who founded the Bellagiocasino owns another exciting and thrilling casino called the MGM Grand Las Vegas. The area of this casino is very huge and massive. It has an alluring attraction, which is the lion habitat covered by fine glass, in the middle of the casino.For gambling it is that famous casino where the MIT Blackjack Team presented their exceptional mathematical techniques for an assured victory.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Tusk Rio Casino Resort (New Jersey)

New Jerseyhas another alluring and powerful gaming zone . It is the Tropicana Casino Resort. This exuberant casino is run by the Tropicana Entertainment. The casino consists of three floors for gamble with more than 3000 slot machines. Many games including poker, Blackjack, 135 Poker, Baccarat and let it ride are played in this amazing casino. This casino is great for gambling.

Tropicana Casino

The Venetian Macao (China)

Chinais exceeding in everything from others, how can be ignored when gambling is concerned. China’s Venetian Macao casino is another renowned gaming zone in the world. However, this casino is considered to be the casino for ‘professional gamblers’, as playing in this tough and huge casino is not easy for everyone. The exciting parts of this casinoare the four attractive themes given to its gaming area. They are named as Red Dragon, Golden Fish, Imperial House and Phoenix. The casino has 800 tables with around 3400 slot machines.

The Venetian Macao

Foxwoods Resort Casino (Connecticut)

Foxwoods Resort Casino is named as United States first most popular one, and is also listed in the top ten casinos of the world. Foxwoods also offers a large number of games to the gamblers such as Poker, Blackjack, Mingo, Roulette, Craps, Parlour etc. the outclass ambiance and extravagant hospitality of Foxwoods is always cherished by the people visited it even once in their lifetime.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

The Venetian Macao casino has 7200 slots machines with more than 300 gambling tables.

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