Top 10 gadgets for Men

 Top 10 gadgets for Men

There are always a few gadgets that every man wants. Just like women have a shopping list or wish list men do too. Men’s most wanted gadgets are mostly technology related.

In today’s world music is a very important element for every age group. People also listen to music while they are driving or working or sometimes chilling at home. The technology today has gifted us with a word “portable” which is easy and convenient.

1. BOSE noise cancelling headphones:


One of the most wanted gadgets is Bose noise cancelling headphones. A good pair of headphones is also an investment. These headphones will let them hear music only and they will not know what is going on around them.

2. Wristwatch:

TAG Heuer Monaco

Second most wanted gadget for men would be a good watch. Men love watches and they always have a collection of watches some of them are the sporty ones and the other ones are formal ones that they can wear to work or formal events. TAG Heuer Monaco Vintage is one of the best.

3.Portable solar charger:

Portable Solar Charger

Portable solar charger is also a gadget that men simply love and it is also a requirement these days because one is mostly on a go and it becomes difficult to charge their gadgets. A solar charger is portable and it can charge simply any electronic device.

4.One Can Fridge:

One Can Fridge

Another gadget that men simply love is he on can fridge. They can put one an in there at work or when they are in the car.

5. Cubicle Doorbell:

Cubicle Doorbell

There is another gadget which comes under the list of top ten gadgets for men and it is called a cubicle doorbell. It is a fun gadget which also lets you have your privacy at work.

6.USB storage device:

USB Storage Device

Another gadget is the encrypted USB storage device. It is a device that men simply love because they often have a lot of things to store and with this USB they can also put a password which can only be detected by their fingerprints. Men love being James Bond.

7. digital pen recorder:

Digital Pen Recorder

A digital pen recorder is also a must have in today’s tech savvy world. This pen is a regular pen from one end and on the other end if you remove the lid it is a USB.



iPod is also a gadget that comes under the list of top gadgets for men because they use it a lot during work, driving or in the gym.

9. laptop:

Asus Lamborghini VX3

A good laptop is also a must have for men and they like investing in their laptop just like women invest in jewelry and designer clothes.

10. cell phone:

Cell Phone

Last but not the least a gadget which most men simply adore is their cell phones. They want to have a good cell phone and a latest one.

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