Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Check out my list of Top 10 gifts for Christmas that will save you the hassle of what to buy this time. As the countdown to Christmas begins, I have assembled my list of Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas to save you time, hassle, and stress. Let’s check it out.

1. Personalized gift

To start with, buying a personalized gift seems like a wonderful idea. You can write the name of your spouse, girlfriend, friend, child, or parent on the range of romantic and classy gifts such as photos, engraved items, mugs, diaries, and calendars etc.

2. Gadget

Men are crazy for gadgets like Wii, iPod, iPhone, Nintendo DS, PS3 and assorted stuff. Christmas is a good opportunity to gift him a gadget if he is a technology freak.

3. Charity Gift

Donate money or gifts to a trust, hospital, church or any other organization in the name of the person you love. This will mean a lot to them. Not only it will be much appreciated, it will be a gift for life.

4. Board Games

Scrabble, Connect4, Monopoly, Game of Life, Pass the Pigs, Articulate and Twister are a great way to spend time together with your friends and family. Gift them board games for a change.

5. Toys

Make the kids fall in love with you by giving them the hot Christmas toys such as Picoo Z micro helicopter. Little boys are crazy for this much coveted toy. Little girls can do with barbies, kitchen or sofa set.

6. Digital Camera

Canon’s Digital IXUS cameras are awesome, period. These are pretty popular and very handy. The image quality is top notch and will be the gift of life.

7.  Hang-out

Take a break and take your family for a nice hang out in this festival season. Celebrate Christmas at beach for a change or take your family to Disneyland and cherish the family moments. Take photos, have ice cream or popcorns, take the joy rides, eat the Christmas cake and finally end the day by exchanging tiny gifts and satisfying your tummies with a large meal or probably fast food.

8. Jewelry

All women including your girlfriend, wife and mother are a huge fan of jewelry so why not take this wonderful opportunity of the festivity and gift them the jewelry? A few pearls may be? Or an emerald jewel or a Ruby ring? Diamond is an eternal gift and can be considered an option as well.

9. Christmas Cards

A simple yet beautiful way to liven up the Christmas joy is t0 post Christmas cards to your family and friends with a personal message and wish written in your handwriting. Choose a card carefully and write the first thought that arises from your heart. It’s super!

10. Watch

Watch is an ever-green idea of a gift. Slip in a personal note in the watch box that says ‘our hearts tick together’ or ‘time that I spend with you is precious’ or any similar beautiful message. Shop around and choose a handy watch for your friend or family.

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