Benefits of an ugly wife

 Benefits of an ugly wife

benefits of ugly wifeWife is someone you have to live with for rest of your life. Everyone dreams for his wife to be of blue eyed, fair color, good height, beautiful features and don’t forget the most attractive figure. There are number of benefits of having a beautiful wife. You feel proud of your wife; you feel honored when anyone compliments you regarding your wife and nonetheless you have a good sex time as your attraction is on peak because of her wonderful body. But have you ever thought of having an ugly wife? What if your wife is not as beautiful as you idealized?Is your life ruined? No my friend there are number of benefits of an ugly wife which you have never thought of.

Something you know

If you have an ugly wife and you have a smiling face then people will think that you know something about women that they don’t know. It is like that you have discovered some hidden secret of the world with your ugly wife. People who hardly know you will keep on thinking about this mystery.

Your own appearance

You will become more cool and relaxed with your appearance if you have an ugly wife. If you will not look after yourself much it won’t make a big difference to your ugly wife. However if you have a beautiful wife, she will want that you should also look after yourself and look handsome and dashing every second of your life. As it is women nature that if they are beautiful then their husband should also take care of their appearance.

Same interests

Your ugly wife will try to cope up with you by liking the same things as you do. She will create her interest in sports like football and cricket and will develop other interests like cars etc. nevertheless if you have a beautiful wife she would have grown up going shopping, buying makeups etc etc. You will also not have issues in watching football matches on Saturday nights with your ugly wife, rather your wife will also enjoy that match with you equally.

Jealousy factor

With your ugly wife you will stay far away from the jealousy factor. There will be no fear in your mind that someone will steal your wife from you. Opposite is the case with beautiful wife. You will keep an eye on her every time she will go out and their always will be a fear of losing her in some corner of your heart.

You will be taken as a genuine man

With ugly wife people will think that you are the person who does not go for the outer beauty. You are the person who looks into the goodness of the souls. I would like to mention here that beautiful women will be attracted towards you. In the case of beautiful woman having an ugly husband, everybody thinks that the guys must be rich and girl is after her money. True story!!!

In the end never take your ugly wife as granted. Take good care of her as you both have promised to love each other till end of your lives. Give her the love you would have given to your beautiful wife because she deserves it too.

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