10 Things Girls wish you Knew

 10 Things Girls wish you Knew

10 things Girls wish you knewGirls like dating with their love ones. Dating is a matter of great importance in their lives. They sensitively notice the things happened on date. Men and women are far different in their choices and desires. Girls don’t like to express their likings and disliking openly, they want that the guys should put some efforts to know about her. Here the guys made mistakes in dating by setting it on their own choices; this convey a rude gesture to their dates. So boys must be aware about the things that girls wish you must knew.


1. Girls like respect, give respect to their ladies on date, while dating girls noticed it well. Give respect to their feelings, their ideas and beliefs. Your respected attitude shows her that she values lot for you.

2. Girls like to hear beautiful words about her personality, dress and looks. On date must praise her in meaningful word. Don’t use hot and sexy type of words to praise her, mostly girls more like the words like beautiful, charming and graceful.

3. Girls expect basic manners from your side in dating, show your manners, be polite with the surrounding people and with the waiters also. Offer her to sit first on table, open the car or restaurant door for her. That is what she is expecting while dating.

4. On date girls expect more from your dressing line. Girls wish that you must be dressed well while dating. If you are not in a proper dress she thinks that the date is not really important for you.

5. You set date for her, so on date she expects to be the centre of your attraction. Don’t try to look around. She doesn’t like the rotating eyes of guys.

6. Girls don’t like when guys gave so much importance to their own selves. Don’t talk about yourself all the time; don’t try to show your richness instead to make this will spoil your impression.

7. Rather to tell, girls wish that you already know about her choice in meal, drink and the place for date. With little effort you can get this information and can surprise and please her by arranging a date of her choice.

8. Girls like gifts and expect to have surprise gift to their love ones. On date surprise her with a present. It is not necessary to give precious gifts in dating, a bunch of flowers can be loftier then a precious watch.

9. Girls want to see you neat and clean. So brush your teeth and shave well. Wear neat & clean ironed cloths.

10. Girls wish to have caring attitude on your side. While dropping her back be there until she stepped into the house.

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