Top Ten Tummy Figures

 Top Ten Tummy Figures

Top ten foods that are in popular demand in the west.

Whether it was originated in Spain or in a small town in Germany, and if it evolved in Italy or was a product of Middle Eastern society, it must be noted that the west has perhaps taken over identity of the top foods in the world. With the greatest percentage of obese people per capita, the west has truly demonstrated their love for food. What follows is a list of top 10 foods that are most enjoyed in the west.


Potato chips

10 ) Potatoes! The west has truly evolved this carbohydrate by mashing it, baking it, slicing it and frying it and so, number 10 on the list of top 10 western foods are potato chips.


9 ) Steak! While steaks are a world famous delicacy, the westerners have taken it to a whole new level. Steaks are grilled to your choice and served in pounds, hence making it at number 9 on our list of top 10 western foods.


8 )   Bagels with cream cheese are available at almost every convenient store and of course on your way to work. Hardly any American breakfast goes complete when your Bagel is missing.


7 ) Seventh on our list of top 10 western foods is Donuts. Not only are the synonymous to cops in your latest Hollywood releases, they are in fact the right answer to your munchies and one of my top 10 foods too.


6 ) Hamburgers! Doesn’t matter if it sounds like they originated in a town in Germany, hamburgers are the perfect Western weekend food and are also on my list of top 10 foods.


5 ) Pizza; although believed to have originated in Italy the west couldn’t seem to have gotten enough it. Number five on my top ten foods is therefore the Pizza!


4 ) Pancakes has become the most clichéd American breakfast and rightly so. This famous American breakfast is number 4 in my list of top 10 foods.

Mac and cheese

3 ) Mac and cheese! Number 3 on the list of top ten western foods is the unsophisticated boiled macaroni with some grated cheese on top put in the microwave for few minutes.


2 ) Taco, originated from Mexico, a tortilla chip filled with minced chicken/beef, sour cream and a few spices falls at number 2 on our list of top ten western foods.


1 )  A wiener in a bun and you think its West stamped all over your food. You guessed it right; Hotdogs are perhaps the number one famous western foods. You get them at football games, baseball games and all the streets of metropolitans are flooded with vendors.

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