Top 10 junk foods

 Top 10 junk foods

Top 10 junk foodsFollowing the track that leads towards good health and quality life is no doubt true wisdom, but going off track is also charming if committed once in a blue moon. Passing by a fast food restaurant with an empty stomach and not becoming a prey to the aroma coming out, only happens when one is too religious,otherwise, its natural to get seduced. Junk food has an addiction that healthy food , despite all the facts, would never be able to replace. One should not get addicted of the junk food, as it is wisely said, that “You are what you eat” but there should always be a margin of going off track, after long intervals, as it boosts the positivity for following the right path.

Following is the list of top ten junk foods which are all time favorites and irresistible. Only those can read and see who have a strong faith, and the poor souls who can go astray, must close their eyes if feel like getting tempted, and repeat this sentence 101 times. “Junk food is junk food, no matter how delicious. I have to avoid it!”



People of all ages feel craving for these heavenly ringlets. Today’s number one top ten junk foods which can drive anyone mad with its scrumptious bites.



Cheese cake

Cheese Cakes:


Think of the smooth creamy texture. The supreme taste is achieved when the sweetness is mixed with a slight tangy cheesy touch along with the subdued saltiness. The crisp of the base enhances the relish many folds. In the top ten junk food chart, Cheese Cakes are at number two.





Pizza is supposed to be the junk food queen. It’s beautiful and aromatic appearance is just like a royal queen who’s beauty is ravishing. You won’t be able to say no even if you have promised yourself not to touch fast food. A big slice with melting mozzarella is sure to take your faith away. It assumes number three in the top ten junk foods.


Chocolate Fudge Brownies:

Oven fresh, dark cocoa’s aroma spreads all around and numbs the sense of reasoning that pulls one in the opposite direction. The fight goes on till one becomes a legitimate prey to this junk food which has the quality to grasp every passerby. This all time hot favorite delicacy is at number four in the junk food menu.

Fried ChipsChips:

One can’t count how many flavors on earth these chips have. French cheese, salt and vinegar, pepperoni, spicy, eastern blends, western trends, and so on and so forth. Avoid one, or two or three. But you would surely buy any of these flavors when you are watching a movie. No matter how big the pack is, it would finish within seconds and you would be searching for more as if it was not you who ate them all but someone else stole them away. Number five in the top ten junk food list.


fish n chips

Fish n Chips:

A British once visited Pakistan and found a man trying to chew meat bones, while drawing the bone marrow. He asked his guide that if people eat even the bones, what do the dogs eat? Guide replied, Fish n Chips. Fish n Chips no doubt are a junk food. And this time its on number sixth.

Cheese BurgersCheese Burgers:

The giant multi storey burgers with deep fried patties and lots n lots of cheese and mayonnaise inside have the tendency to convert one into a giant, round like the burger bun itself, with lots n lots of fat deposited in the tummy. One becomes what he eats finally. The fast food king is placed at number seven in the top ten junk food table.





Crispy Fried Chicken

Crispy fried Chicken:

Irresistible temptation for all ages, all communities as the crispy coating’s smell is breathtaking. You can’t help going off track. The only option is to change your route and adopt one where there is no such fast food restaurant. Junk foods have a vast variety. And this one comes at number eight in our top ten food list.


Sausage and Cheese Biscuits

Sausage and Cheese Biscuits:

The crunch, the combination of cheese and sausages and the oven freshness nullify all diet watch plans and gym charts. You think that it’s a must if you have to live. And thus you buy. You need to be a true fighter if you have to watch your diet as this is a true junk food. 

chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Cookies:

Eat one, eat two, keep eating till you forget the number, but the satiation is never achieved. You get to know that you have been eating junk food for the last few days when you weigh yourself out and realize that there is a sudden change in the number shown by weighing machine. Don’t blame the scale. The fault is yours!! You were eating chocolate cookies for just a few days!


Junk food if can’t be excluded from the life, at least can easily be cut short. What’s important is the awareness. We recommend that stop considering ignorance bliss, and make informed choices as far as daily food routine is considered. Fast food is not bad, what’s bad is the imbalance we create in our routine. Every pleasure can be included to add the colors of life if balanced carefully!

Junk Foods

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