Top 10 European Foods

 Top 10 European Foods

Europe is one place on this globe which encompasses almost everything may it be fashion, history, food, lifestyle or anything else that you can think of. Here is a look at top 10 European foods which you certainly won’t like to miss on your trip to Europe.

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Portuguese Chicken:
Our first choice in top 10 European foods is the Portuguese Chicken. This has been a favorite of Portugal’s elite since time immemorial. Flamed grilled Portuguese chicken is what takes the lead at top 10 European foods. The succulent pieces of chicken breast are cooked to perfection in order to deliver the juiciest taste. Portuguese chicken burger is also very popular especially in other parts of Europe in which the same chicken breasts are put into the burger with lots of mayo, herbs, cheese, lettuce, onion rings and tomatoes.

Portuguese Chicken Food

Italian Panini Sandwich:
In top 10 European foods, the item which comes from Italy is the Panini Sandwich. A special Panini bread is made for this sandwich in which mouth-watering pieces of boneless chicken, lettuce and a few seasoning are tossed and added to the sandwich bread. A special sandwich maker for the Panini bread is also available in the markets too. It is indeed a very healthy sandwich available in Europe especially for the diet and health conscious people.

Italian Panini Sandwich European FoodLondon Fish and Chips:
How can we now discuss the London Fish and Chips in the top 10 European foods? This delicious dish has been a favorite of English people since ages and people from all over the world rate it as one of the best and top 10 European foods. Two big fillets of fish with French fries make this dish irresistible for anyone. It is U.K’S traditional fast food since 1850 and the most loved food in Europe.

London Fish Chips

Turkish Doner Kebab:
These yummy kebabs are also a part of most popular top 10 European foods. They are made from lamb’s meat which is attached with a vertical skewer of a machine that rotates. They are a very popular street food in Turkey and they originated from the tribal regions of Turkey in the 18th Century. Today, with their silk smooth texture and juicy taste they have become one of the top 10 European foods.

Turkish Doner Kebab

French bread:
In Europe, France is known for its fine restaurants and ultimate dining experience. Each and every French dish is unquestionably one of the top 10 European foods. But what makes most of these dishes even more desirable are the French breads served with them. They come in different shapes, sizes and assorted flavors and French people are very particular about which French bread to serve with a particular dish and at what time. Batard, Pain de mie, Fougasse are a few of the popular French breads in top 10 European foods.

French bread

Spanish Tortilla:
This dish in top 10 European foods is often confused with the Mexican tortillas but it is totally different. It is made with thick egg, potatoes and olive oil. It is also called the Spanish Omelette and different variations can be opted according to one’s own tastes and preferences.

Spanish Tortilla

German Sausages:
Germany takes the lead in top 10 European foods by being the pioneer in sausages. One of the world’s best and widest varieties of sausages is available here and if you are a die-hard lover of sausages then Germany is the place for you. Germany holds an age old tradition of making sausages and the varieties exceed 1500 types of sausages.

German Sausages

Romanian Muschi Poiana:
One of the top 10 European foods is Romania’s Muschi Poiana. It is a traditional dish of Romani in which beef stuffed with mushrooms and bacon is served with a puree of vegetables and tomato sauce. The stuffing is also at times in special crepes too.

Romanian Muschi Poiana

Swiss Raclette:
A tinge of dairy products is a must for the top 10 European foods and which place could serve it better than Switzerland. Raclette is a traditional European cheese dish in which cheese pieces are grilled and served with potatoes, gherkins and onions. The cheese slices are kept a bit thick and a special grill is used for making Raclette perfect for eating.

Swiss Raclette

Italian Pizza:
The top 10 European foods list would be totally incomplete without mentioning the Italian Pizzas in Europe. If you want to taste the ultimate divinity to the best pizzas in world then Italy is the place. In every nook and cranny of Italy, the pizzas served are all a part of top 10 European foods. Each spot within Italy has some specialty pizza to offer and it seems that the taste keeps of getting better.

Italian Pizza

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