Worst Appearance Turnoffs

 Worst Appearance Turnoffs

worst appearance turnoffsThere is always a huge difference between what appeals men and what’s beautiful for women. Men might try to bring forward a fashion statement with their wacky looks, but believe me we love men with simple yet gracefully charismatic persona. Come to us with all those ponytails and rings in your finger and we would want to kick your ass! Read on to know some of the worst appearance turn offs to women.


Longish hair has a certain rebellious sex appeal to it, but unless you’re Johnny Depp, never put it in a ponytail! It’s a huge turn off for women worst appearance it’s better to resist the urge to pull your mane into one.

Gigantic Jewelry

When I see a man wearing gigantic jewelry, I find him feminine but not the dainty one, feminine with a monstrous appeal. Jewelry surely fades away your masculine chivalry beneath its sparkling aura so it’s always better to keep yourself as much away from glittery stuff as you can, if you are so much fond of wearing something, why not opt for a dandy watch.

Back Hair

Although many women find you chest hair sexy as it represents your masculinity but if your rawness is extended on to your back then it can turn into a turn off. Women spend countless hours of their lives removing hair from their bodies in an effort to make them beautiful for their partners, so most feel it’s only fair for you to put in a little effort in this area too.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Bad break, discolored teeth and missing or chipped teeth, if she finds any one of these conditions in you, I’m telling you, she’ll run away! It’s always good to give a little extra care to your hygiene condition. Brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste after meals, floss daily and visit your dentist regularly to maintain good hygiene condition.

Too much Cologne

The way a man smells is very important to women, covering up your natural smell by dousing yourself in fragrance will surely repel her away from you. So it’s always better to be subtle, after selecting a fragrance that works best with your body chemistry, apply one squirt to your neck and another to your wrists. Refresh no more than once in the day or night for light scents that don’t have much staying power.

Overly bushy Beards

Although women finds is sexy to have a little shave on your face but an overly bushy beard will badly turn her off. So get yourself some decent grooming gear and commit to shaving regularly if growing facial hair is difficult for you. If you are capable of growing a beard, make sure you keep everything looking neat.

Stained clothes

Whether it’s a mustard, beer or wine, stains-loaded clothes look disgusting to watch. Other unidentifiable stains are also major turnoffs to women (unless they’re the result of changing the oil in her car) it gives her an impression that she’s not even worth cleaning up for. So if you’re a little clumsy or otherwise tend to get dirty a lot, keep a fresh shirt at your office or in your car. That way you can make a quick change if you’ve got a date or are headed someplace where you might meet a woman.

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