Unruly yet Polished Look for Curly Hair

 Unruly yet Polished Look for Curly Hair

look for curly hairMany men with curly hair make the mistake in thinking that hair should be too ‘perfect’ but if the hair is little bit unruly, it gives your clothing some edge. It looks even sexier and gives you a natural appearance with style. However, that doesn’t even mean that hair should look totally out of control. Here are some tips for classy hot hairstyles by using several hair products to create everyday styles that look well groomed but not contrived.

After shampooing and conditioning, you can work a dime-sized amount of gel into your wet hair to define the curls and give them some shape so that it’s not just a frizzy mass. Curls often look better if they have a separated, distinct look.

Never Ever Blow dry curly hair because it will make those curls appear frizzy. You can instead comb your hair with fingers, pushing it forward, especially at the top, in order to give it more volume. That will give your hair a slight wave that will turn into a slight curl after some time.

Another hot look that you can create with your curls is apply gel and by the time it gets dry, it will stiffen your hair, once it is stiffen put your fingers through it to shake it out and loosen it to create an unruly yet a glossy sexy look.

Sometimes, if you want an edgier look, you can apply more gel, as much as quarter-sized dollop, to give your curls more shape. However, this look might look like you have not shampooed it that day but will give you a raw and sexy appearance.

During the day, if your hair is getting a little limp, you can run a pea-sized amount of pomade through your hair. Pomades and waxes are similar to gels, but they provide more flexibility, rather then drying stiff, and offer a bit more shine. They are good for adding thickness and a textured look, in which hair is separated into distinct locks. Besides, always pick pomades or waxes that have ‘medium texture’ because you don’t want it too runny and you don’t want it really really stiff.

Use hairsprays very sparingly because they create a stiff look that doesn’t seem modern or sexy. For formal events you can go for tousled style. Just before heading out for the evening, take a pea sized amount of pomade or wax, rub it between your hands to soften it up and wrap pieces of hair around your fingers. It’s way of easing up your look, like loosening your tie. It will give your more texture, more shine yet in an eccentric hairstyle.

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