Which Style do you Prefer, Classic or Fashion?

 Which Style do you Prefer, Classic or Fashion?

Recently, more and more people want to know what is the perfect trends in 2012. They believe that fashion things mean the hottest points. They can be the center of an occasion. And even they can find boyfriend or girlfriend by taking fashion prom dresses.

There is no doubt that fashionable can catch people’s eyes. Most of time, fashion means new things, means something that we have never seen. It is mysterious and appealing for us that many people, especially teenagers, want to own. Fashion things are always colorful and a little bit strange. So it is hard for old people to accept. These things even can be the reasons of some dispute between elders and youths.

On the other hand, some other people prefer classical ones than fashion ones. They feel that classic things can be classic because it has enough great content. And also classical things can help them to remember their perfect memory. As you know, when people become old, they often miss the feeling when they were young. They like things that appeared when they were teenagers, include prom dresses. Fashion for them means those things. Fashion styles are not ugly, but they feel classical styles are more comfortable and appealing.

Actually, from the view of mine, fashion is classic and classic can also means fashion. It is not contradiction. The so-called fashion prom dresses mean the newest and most fashionable dresses at the time when the styles of the dresses appeared. And the so-called classical prom dresses mean the prom dresses are still popular after the styles appeared. Can you see the same points? No matter classic or fashion, both of them are popular for some time. One is popular period of time before, and other is popular period of time future. For example, today you take photos with a fashion prom dress, after 20 years you may find that the dress has become one classic dress.

Above all, fashion prom dress will become classic one soon after. In fact, suitable one is the best. Suitable robe de soirée is popular forever. So ladies just need to find out the suit dress and their own styles. Try to make fashion follow you but not follow fashion. And try to make dress classic but not find dress which is classic.

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