What Does a Stylish Man Look Like

 What Does a Stylish Man Look Like

What Does A Stylish Man Look LikeStyle, as a matter of fact is being who you are and convincing others how appealing it really is. Style knows no time boundaries or limits; it just depicts the real you. On the contrary, fashion is time-based; what may be happening today may not necessarily be there tomorrow – know the difference.

Style is wrongly used interchangeably with fashion. However, the two are extreme poles; fashion is what’s in trend whereas style is what you are and what suits you best. Which is why we say “Everyone has their own style”? A wise man once said, Fashion fades, style is eternal!

When adopting certain style you first need to explore yourself; find out your personality traits that you want women to look at and then adopt a style that will emerge it well. Here’s how to go about it:

Dressing like a GQ model isn’t want women unless you really are that popular and can’t help it. At the same time, stop cladding yourself in a suit ,either, unless, obviously if that’s what your work demands. No matter how silly “don’t judge a book by its cover” may seem, that apparently is the truth. So dress up in something you want people to look at and admire you – it portrays what you want to be in future, so think over it well.

If you’d like to maintain a professional look in the long term then a dress shirt and pants, is the style. Otherwise, a traveling kind of person could do well with a casual look but maintaining neatness, as well. If you are known as a party starter and wish to do that for life then pick a gaudy style – a white blazer ought to do you justice.

Take a look at some famous stars; they are in no way following a certain trend, they rather have their own style. A few prominent names are Johnny Depp, Justin Tmberlake, Tommy Lee, Chris Angel, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham and Jude Law.

Go over these stylish-in-their-own-way men and figure out what your approach to style could be.

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