Stefano Ricci’s Spring/Summer Collection 2016

 Stefano Ricci’s Spring/Summer Collection 2016

“By means of a specific sensation, every single colour stimulates the aspiration for totality in the eye”: this is what Goethe wrote in his Theory of Colours. A work which is published in 1810 or, rather, twenty years after his famous Italian journey.

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It was precisely during his visit to our country, with its distinct landscape and unforgettable shades, that his interest and passion in the study of colour was aroused.

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The magnificent shades of Tuscan nature and the elegant colours of the pictorial art of Florence are what today inspire the new summer collection by designer Stefano Ricci: a personal “theory of colour” which is in line with the vital imagination of the Maison, with its radiant vision of a male elegance which is both personal and eclectic. 

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The eclecticism of the shape, the marvel of the colour and the unique quality of the STEFANO RICCI style develop an authentically creative dialogue with the stunning decorative elements of Castello di Sammezzano, a remarkable set in which to produce the lookbook. Usually closed to public viewing, the Castle is a gem of Moorish architecture, a 19th century folie filled with intricate symbolisms. It is perched on the hills just outside Florence, with its staggering and kaleidoscopic oriental inventions, as if to remind us that colour and light find a home in the heart of man.

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As Goethe wrote, “when we are exposed to the influence of an external colour, we create harmony and balance creating a complementary internal colour”: the harmony and balance which Stefano Ricci researches, designs and creates season after season make colour the natural exaltation of a quality which starts with the fibers, the fabrics, the materials, from the heart itself of the collections, to become a stylistic and personal choice of those who choose, day after day, to express themselves through the best that art and craftsmanship are able to achieve. 

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Tasteful tailored constructions which conceal the manual work behind an extraordinary lightness; proportions researched according to perfect canons; personal combinations which enhance the patterns.

summer collection For Men

The fine, long-staple fibers, the beloved contrasts which exalt a view of ever dynamic style; chromatically evolved accessories, handmade not only to complete the wardrobe but to enhance the colours of the jackets, the finishes and details; precious buckles and jewel-cufflinks. The collection which Stefano Ricci has designed for summer 2016 is sculpted in pristine Tuscan air: precious and rigorously tasteful, it is also fully Italian in its “fuggir l’affettazione”, as Baldassare Castiglioni would have said or, rather, in concealing the art and showing how “what one does and says is done without effort and almost without thinking.”

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But the intimate lightness, the hidden sense of this beautiful simplicity is in truth the fruit of the art, the craft and the innovative view which Stefano Ricci imprints on his world: a world where the eagle, a symbol and chrysalis which transforms into a tasteful ornament, brings to mind a nobility which is impressed in every detail.

summer collection For Men

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