The Best Leather Sneakers for Spring Cost Less Than $100

 The Best Leather Sneakers for Spring Cost Less Than $100

The search for the perfect everyday sneaker is a complicated affair. In most cases, especially if we’re talking spring and summer, you want a low-top shoe that gives your ankle a bit of breathing room so your jeans, chinos, or suit pants don’t rest on top—or, god forbid, billow over.

Unless you’re a whiz at mixing prints and colors, you want to err on the side of simplicity. That’s not to say you can’t play with texture and pops of color, but a great everyday shoe has versatility. Too many embellishments will raise eyebrows, especially if you’re trying to pull this off at the office, and beat-up workout shoes will impress precisely, uh, nobody. We found the verifiable unicorn of casual sneakers that transcends the boundries of streetwear: Say hello to the Court Sneaker by Everlane.

What It Is

This shoe, inspired by basketball shoes of yesteryear, is a followup to the brand’s first foray into footwear (Tread). Made in Thai Binh, Vietnam, with full-grain leather sourced from Saigon TanTec, a sustainable, eco-conscious tannery, The Court Sneaker is all about leaving a small carbon footprint and a big fashion statement. The sole comprises natural and recycled rubber that’s almost entirely free of virgin (newly made) plastic, and the lining is made from 100 percent recycled polyester. As for that carbon footprint we mentioned, Everlane partners with NativeEnergy to wholly offset the amount of total greenhouse gas emissions produced, lessening the shoe’s impact on the environment.

Why We Like It

This is a casual sneaker, but the magic is in its subtleties. There’s a leather triangle on the inner belly of the shoe, as well as the outer, that’s imagined in a slightly darker shade or contrasting pop of color—unless you go for the monochromatic white or black options. The heel patch mirrors this color play, and is reminiscent of Adidas’ Stan Smith, only instead of that signature Kelly green, you get dusty rose, cloud grey, mustard, or forest. The stitching and vertical notches running along the back of the sole all add visual intrigue sans logo or label. It’s a minimalist design but don’t call it basic. Wear ’em with a suit or with jeans and a tee; they’re a stalwart in a capsule wardrobe.

The Court Sneaker also checks all our boxes when it comes to comfort. Even though they’re leather, they don’t stifle your feet after a day of standing or walking. They fit true to size and are easy to spot clean (we also appreciate that the white colorways aren’t blindingly pristine, so you don’t have to be on high alert about dirt. Perhaps most appealing, it clocks in under $100.

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