David Beckham – Styles and Fashion Trends

 David Beckham – Styles and Fashion Trends

In no time at all, Beckham’s gone from retired soccer player to global brand. He’s collaborated with H&M and Belstaff, started a new soccer franchise, and through it all dressed like a boss. Here, a breakdown of his latest sartorial choices.


While debuting his H&M underwear line (and its scantily-clad ads), Beckham reminded everyone that he’s really good at wearing clothes. Check out the whole color theory thing going on here: the light denim balances out the long navy topcoat, and the red sweater anchors the whole thing with a bright spot. Bonus points for those tough-as-hell boots.

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Seriously, has a stronger case ever been made for the newsboy cap? Watch as Beckham de-goofballs the retro hat by mixing it with some killer pieces, like caramel chelsea boots, raw denim, and a slim topcoat.

david-beckham-style-moments-03This is what the least-retired guy ever wore to announce his new Miami soccer team. Here, he nails the slim silhouette check out how well-tailored everything is at the waist––and picks the right color for the occasion: business-man gray. When you’re presenting a big, risky idea, it’s okay to let that oxblood suit sit out for a night.

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Let’s take a second to appreciate DB’s grooming game, because that shit is on point. Note how he contrasts the tidy, gelled ‘do with wilder-than-usual facial hair, which has a perfect Gosling-level fade. Also, he pulls off the white tux by keeping the details classic: white shirt, black tie. Oscar winners of yore, take heed.
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Prior to unleashing his new Belstaff capsule collection, Becks attended the brand’s new London flagship store opening and showed off his leather jacket skills. As expected, he wore his like a pro: ultra-fitted and paired with a simple tee to downplay the detailed moto-jacket stitching. We award this look five prayer hands emojis.david-beckham-style-moments-06

Okay, so this isn’t exactly Beckham himself, but damn, his wax sculpture is holding it down. All the details are right: a slight bit of shirt cuff showing, slim trousers, spread collar, and even a hint of pocket square. Dude probably didn’t even have to tell Madame Tussauds to pick out the best damn tailored suit they could find it was implied.

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